57: deep midnight house of healing


I’m so irritable today, you guys. Everything is getting on my nerves. GRR ARGH. Maybe House of Healing will calm me down? (Spoilers: NOPE.)

In this last safe refuge, one might breathe in the soft, earthy comforts of: wild iris, linden blossoms, fragrant green trees and grasses, fallen oak leaves, and sweet morning dewdrops. Magical and serene!

In the vial, House of Healing smells wet, green, and very floral.

Wet on skin it’s the same – very floral and green. Strong. Very strong.

It doesn’t really change as it dries, just somehow getting more and more floral and kind of dryer sheet-y. Actually, that’s exactly what this smells like. Like sticking your face into a box of heavily-scented dryer sheets.

Another fail for me and Deep Midnight. This one sounded so good – green trees and grasses! Fallen oak leaves! Sweet morning dewdrops! What do I get? Dryer sheets. I had to scrub this one off, and ugh, it didn’t want to leave.

Elevator Pitch: An extremely floral scent with a wet green edge. Dry down is total Eau de dryer sheets. Very strong.

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