55: deep midnight thalia


Thalia means “festivity” or flourishing”. Her scent is a delicious and festive mix of raw honeycomb layered over succulent peaches, sweet gardenia, and a deep, rich myrrh.

In the vial, Thalia smells pretty damn delicious, like rich peaches and honey, slightly waxy. Very good, yes, but also kind of like a scented candle? A really nice scented candle, though.

Wet on skin, it’s sweet, smooth, and peachy, but really is also giving me full-on candle vibes. It’s Candle City.

As it dries down, it gets less fruity and sweet and takes on a slightly floral, resinous quality. It’s still got a bit of a waxy tone, too, and the result isn’t… unpleasant, per se, but it’s just kind of meh. Sillage is light, and when I do catch a whiff of it, I’m kind of like, “oh, that’s nice,” and it is, but it’s not wowing me or anything.

Deep Midnight and I are not having a stellar run so far. I don’t dislike Thalia like I did Naenia and 1922, but I don’t love it either. If I had a 5 star system, I’d probably give it like… 3 stars. Pretty, pleasant, solidly middle of the road. I’ll keep my sample, but it’s nothing I feel compelled to own more of.

Elevator Pitch: Starts out sweet, deep, and peachy, and dries down to something a little less fruity, with a slightly floral, resinous quality. Has a waxy tone, and is a bit scented candle-y at the beginning, but that fades.

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