54: deep midnight 1922


A sexy, high spirited blend in the spirit of the flapper girls of the Roaring Twenties! Delicious gardenia envelops a sweet, sexy tobacco, the old polished wood of a dance floor, exotic musk, a wee bit of bourbon whiskey, followed by a hint of sultry berries. It’s the bees knees!!

In the vial, 1922 smells sweet, alcoholic, and a little musky.

Wet on skin it’s strongly boozy at first, musky, with a berry sweetness. Gardenia blooms (no pun intended) on my skin very quickly, and then it’s basically The Gardenia Show with special backup performers whisky, musk, and berries. It’s also very strong and perfumey at this point.

As it dries, the intense perfumey gardenia just keeps on getting stronger. We’ve moved past 11 and are approaching 25. Ye gods. If I sniff through the heavy wet blanket of gardenia, I can detect musky woods, a bit of booze, and just the slightest touch of berries, but mostly it’s All Gardenia All the Time.

Another swing and a miss for Deep Midnight. I’ll admit that I didn’t expect to like this, and I don’t. If you like loud white florals and traditionally perfumey scents, you might enjoy this. I scrubbed it off. In addition to just being a scent I don’t like, it had a sharp, artificial, perfumey edge to it that I found really unpleasant.

Elevator Pitch: Heavy, perfumey gardenia over a faint base of musky woods, whiskey, and the tiniest hint of berries. Mostly gardenia, though. Really. Do you like gardenia? Here is some gardenia.

Bonus Boy Review: I had M chime in on this when he passed by my office. He said: “It smells extremely antiseptic. Like medicine. It smells like someone tried to sanitize a crime scene.” So that’s a no, then.

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