47: arcana straitjacket


If this bottle looks a bit different than your standard Arcana bottle, it’s because this guy is a 10 ml, not a 5. Arcana hasn’t offered their scents in 10 ml bottles for several years, to my knowledge, but they used to on occasion (and in smaller 3.7 ml drams, too), and I have a handful in my collection.

Today: Straitjacket.

Trust us, it’s for your own good. A warm, controlled hug of rich Tahitian vanilla, pumpkin flesh, ginger custard, breadfruit, and hints of tonka bean, mango, and cinnamon.

In the bottle, Straitjacket smells like thick, warm, spicy mango and ginger.

Wet on skin, it’s warm, sweet, and just a little spicy, like a syrupy mango crisp with brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s definitely fruity, but not bright or particularly summery – it reminds me more of the fall and winter seasons, and if I were to assign it a color it would be a rich orange-yellow.

Dry down is pretty linear, and thankfully the cinnamon doesn’t take over at any point.

I really like Straitjacket. I love mango scents in general, and if you like your mango sweet, this is a great one.

Elevator Pitch: A syrupy sweet mango dessert, lightly spiced with cinnamon and ginger. Fruity but deep and warm.

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