46: smelly yeti proserpine


Dark and deep pomegranate mingles with cool and twisty caverns; a hint of gloomy underworld grounds and balances this scent.

In the bitty bottle, Proserpine (which I cannot stop typing “Prosperine”) smells red and fruity, with something cool and almost minty underneath.

Wet on skin, that cool, earthy, minty scent is the strongest. It’s slightly sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Just enough to kind of make the mint read bubblegummy or toothpaste-y to me. The intense red fruitiness I got in the bottle is very much subdued on skin.

As it dries, the minty bubblegum/toothpaste vibe remains, but the cool earthiness amps up as well and there’s very little pomegranate to be sniffed. It’s not really fruity at this point at all. And the earthiness doesn’t smell like dirt, per se – I really like the smell of dirt and I’m not crazy about this. It’s got more of a dank, murky stone and ozone thing going on. Which makes sense given the inspiration for the scent.

I like Proserpine in the bottle, but I don’t care for it on my skin.

Elevator Pitch: Very fruity on cold sniff, but on skin it’s almost entirely a cool, slightly sweet mint over dank, murky stone and ozone. Oddly perfumey.

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