44: darling clandestine coma cluster


This was my other purchase from DC’s Valentine’s release – the all-natural solid scent Coma Cluster.

An all natural botanical fragrance featuring classics like dark sweet coffee oil and cocoa absolutes, delicate essence of orange blossom, and an oh-my-you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me dynamite Bulgarian rose otto. Hugs close to the skin, all night, all night.

I asked for a vegan version of Coma Cluster, as I always do with DC’s solids, and Evonne was – also as always – kind enough to make one specially for me. I also asked her to leave off the pretty wax seal, since they’re made with beeswax, but she went above and beyond and made a special seal with candelilla wax instead! I thought that was so thoughtful. The seal did pop off when I opened the tin – I’m sure I could melt it back on, but I just wet ahead and put the little sticker label on top since I don’t want the seal to get damaged in storage, but I plan to melt it onto the top of a little Mason jar I keep on my desk.

Anyway. In the tin, Coma Cluster is mostly orange blossom. A little chocolate, but very heavy on the orange blossom. This is a Bummer Alert, and also what I was afraid of, since I hate orange blossom.

On skin, the orange blossom is still the most prominent note, with mild chocolate and a little smooth rose underneath. I really like the rose in this, but oof, that orange blossom. I don’t get much coffee at all.

After a while, the orange blossom mellows a bit, and the chocolate and rose come to the front more. I do still wish the orange blossom wasn’t so strong… or, you know, not there at all… but that’s personal preference. For the most part, I like this – the rose in particular is gorgeous. Since it’s all natural, it doesn’t have much lasting power and wears very close to the skin, but DC’s last all natural solid, Don’tGoPleaseStay, was the same, so I expected that.

Bonus: I shoved this under M’s nose and he said it “smells purple.” Alright then.

Elevator Pitch: A soft, chocolatey orange blossom and rose scent. Heaviest on the orange blossom to start. Wears close to the skin.

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