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For Valentine’s Day this year, Darling Clandestine released a trio of limited edition perfume oils – Bouquet of Scorpions, Noose Jewelry, and Reddit Hug of Death  – as well as a limited edition solid scent called Coma Cluster. I was tempted to go whole hog and get everything, but I showed a modicum of restraint and just picked up R/Hug of Death and Coma Cluster.

First, prepare to get hugged… to death.

Intense black tea infused with a trio of fruits-strawberries, blackberries, and sweet red apples-grounded with vetiver and ginger and tonka bean.

I think this might have the most clear and “normal” notes list/description I’ve ever seen from a DC scent.

In the (very pretty) bottle, Hug of Death smells very sweet and fruity, with just a bit of black tea. This is easily the sweetest DC scent I’ve ever smelled, at least on cold sniff. Sweeter than Tilt-a-Whirl.

Wet on skin I get more black tea and a little spicy ginger, but it’s still predominantly fruity. Red fruits, very juicy. I read a description where someone compared it to gummi bears, and yep – that’s about right. When I shoved my wrist under M’s nose, he said it smelled like a Fruit Roll-Up. It’s really delicious.

As it dries, the deeper elements come out a little more – the tea and vetiver, the sweet, hay-like tonka bean – and temper all the fruity sweetness. It also develops a very slight powdery edge. It remains pretty sweet and fruity throughout, though. I think it’s probably the sweetest member of the DC catalogue now, and definitely one that would appeal to most people.

And hey, a black tea blend that works for me! In Evonne We Trust, guys. The black tea is present here, but it’s not super strong and it really works.

Elevator Pitch: Sweet, juicy red fruits grounded with black tea and vetiver. The black tea is the most prominent of the grounding notes. Smells a bit like a grown-up version of red gummi bears or Fruit Roll-Ups.

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