42: arcana grasshopper


A sparkling pan-Asian blend of Indonesian ginger, Japanese yuzu fruit and Thai lemongrass, spiked with a hint of Indian black pepper. Your way is the way of perfume, Grasshopper.

In the bottle, Grasshopper smells deep, citrusy, and spicy. Tart and sweet, but with a sharp spike of pepper.

Wet on skin, it’s very peppery, with lots of lemongrass and sharp, fresh ginger. This one’s got bite. It’s also less sweet – almost a touch savory, but not quite. There’s also something to it that reminds me of mint, but I know there’s no mint in this. It’s just a sort of coolness? I’m not sure.

As it dries, the pepper calms down a little and I get mostly ginger and lemongrass. It’s not too sweet and does almost have a savory tinge to it, like walking into a Thai restaurant.

I was afraid, as always, that the pepper would take over in this, but it doesn’t. It’s there, but it’s not too much for me. This is an interesting scent, much less sweet and zingy than I expected from the notes. I love lemongrass, though, so I do like it – but it’s not one I’m madly in love with, nor even close to my favorite lemongrass scent from Arcana (‘sup Astrid’s Diadem? And you, Winter Mirth?)

Elevator Pitch: A deep, not-too-sweet blend of fresh ginger and lemongrass, with a peppery bite.

2 thoughts on “42: arcana grasshopper

  1. Erica

    Hey Amanda, would you suggest layering anything with this to heighten the sweetness? Just bought a bottle of this and I was hoping for a sweeter, gingery lemongrass smell. Haven’t received it yet but I am hoping it can be sweetened.

    • Hey Erica! I haven’t tried layering this one – I don’t layer much as a rule, mostly out of laziness – so unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions! My go-to is a simple vanilla, but I’m not sure how that would work with this one. I feel like it might layer well with Darling Clandestine’s Hellbender, if you have that? On me that one’s a warm, sweet gingery-vanilla.

      On the subject of lemongrass and DC, though – definitely try Cloudswing when it comes around again, if you haven’t already! It’s a great sweet lemongrass blend.

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