41: arcana croque-mitaine


More Grotesqueries!

A terrifying French bogeyman who waits under the bed, ready to grab any child who refuses to sleep. Chocolate absolute, gooey marshmallow, vanilla bean, peru balsam, and a hint of clove bud.

In the bottle, Croque-Mitaine smells like hot chocolate at first, but develops a deeper woodiness on subsequent sniffs.

Wet on skin, it smells like Mexican hot chocolate – sweet, dry cocoa with spices.

As it dries, it gets a little bit woodier and a more vanilla/marshmallow sweetness comes out.

I was afraid the clove in this would go nuts on me, but it really doesn’t. I can smell it, but combined with the chocolate, marshmallow, and vanilla it reads more as a general spice than HELLO I AM CLOVE WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR A SONG ABOUT CLOVES? It’s nice – simple and sweet, warm and comforting. Great sillage, too.

Elevator Pitch: Cocoa and sweet vanilla marshmallows with a healthy dose of dry spice. Reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate at first. Dry down gets a bit woodier, with more vanilla and marshmallow.

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