40: arcana kijimuna


Another scent from the Halloween 2013 Grotesqueries: Monsters & Marvels collections! Kijimuna was a random grab during one of my December Rhinestone Housewife hauls. It never really made it onto my radar before, but I was starting to run out of things to buy (how sad does that sound?) and I love lemongrass, so I figured it was worth a shot.

So basically this review was brought to you by financial irresponsibility, collector’s compulsion, and blind whims. Pretty much the story of my life.

A zingy scent for the mischievous prankster wood sprites of Okinawa. Grapefruit, yuzu fruit, rice milk, rice wine, massoia bark, lemongrass, and banyan.

In the bottle, Kijimuna smells mostly like grapefruit and spicy woods.

Wet on skin, it’s citrusy but not just grapefruity, a little spicy and woody – almost like cinnamon, but not quite – and sweet, with a light milkiness over top. It’s not creamy-milky, though – it doesn’t smell rich or heavy or like a creamsicle – but there is a milkiness to it. (That’d be the rice milk.)

It stays fairly linear as it dries – it gets a bit milkier, and all the other notes mellow a little, but no huge morphing.

I like it. I’m not madly in love, but I like it. I wish the lemongrass was stronger, because I don’t really get much at all and it’s usually quite a strong note. But I’m happy that the grapefruit and yuzu aren’t too powerful or astringent, which they can easily be on my skin. I expected this whole scent to be brighter and/or harsher from the description, but it’s really quite soft and mild.

Elevator Pitch: Sweet citrus and dry, slightly spicy woods with a light milky overtone. Not too sweet or spicy – a very mild scent, especially soft for a citrus blend.

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