38 & 39: arcana drool & keel


Two reviews today to make up for my lazy Sunday full of not smelling perfumes!

After a couple of relatively nice days, it’s cold cold cold here again, and I am so incredibly over it. When I left work today, I found my car cocooned in ice in the parking lot. It had a hard candy shell made of ice.

And when I arrived home in my frozen blue M&M, I found a box from Amazon sitting on my front steps, also crusted completely in ice, and my entire driveway too, and every bit of grass, and basically the entire world. OVER. IT. So as part of my escapist fantasy, I’ll be reviewing two scents from Arcana’s Cocos Nucifera collection. Arcana, take my away!

First up: Drool. Mmm, Drool.

Drool: Ripe figs with vanilla beans and hypnotic honey amber.

In the bottle, Drool smells sweet and rich – very ripe figs smothered in honey.

Wet on skin it’s a little less intensely sweet, and the figs have just the slightest touch more greenness.

As it dries, it mellows out even further, with the figs getting a little greener still and the honeyed amber base developing a slight powdery/almost floral tone. I’m crediting the figs with that – I’m not historically a huge fan of fig notes, because they’ve tended to read too green or floral on my skin. The figs here start out incredibly ripe and sweet, but alas, they do fall prey to that to a degree.

Further on into wear, that powdery/floral tone fades and the figs sweeten up nicely – this is the stage I like best. It’s got a nice, ripe fruitiness, very golden and summery.

I like this one more in the bottle than on skin at first. I’m not hugely crazy about the initial 20 minutes or so of wear, but I really like what it eventually dries down to.

Elevator Pitch: Slightly green figs over a base of sweet, deep honey and amber. Not as sweet on skin as it is in the bottle, though it does sweeten nicely as it wears. Can read a bit powdery and floral at first, but it mostly fades.

Next up, Keel!

Keel: Sweet ruby guava, coconut, pineapple, and a drop of ocean water.

In the bottle, Keel smells like a tropical vacation. Fresh pineapple, coconut, guava – like a fruity umbrella drink, maybe even with a shot of rum.

Wet on skin it’s much less sweet, and oddly salty. There’s a distinctly oceanic, salty/sandy ozone vibe to it.

As it dries, it gets a bit fruitier again, with the sweet/tart guava being most noticeable. Further on, the pineapple comes out more as well. That saltiness remains throughout, and it never gets as sweet as it is in the bottle.

I’m not over the moon about this one. The oceanic saltiness really cuts the sweetness in a way I don’t love.

Elevator Pitch: Sweet/tart guava and pineapple over a base of salty, sandy ocean water. Not nearly as sweet or outright fruity as it smells in the bottle.

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