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Apologies for a few days without posting, guys! I came down with a nasty stomach bug late Tuesday, and while the worst of it has thankfully passed, I’m still not feeling entirely up to snuff. But the headache I’ve had since Tuesday has finally faded enough that smelling perfume doesn’t literally make me want to throw up and cry simultaneously, so let’s jump back in – with a non-Arcana review!

WHUT. Yes, it’s true. I do own stuff from other brands. This little gem is from Haus of Gloi’s recent Valentine’s Day release – one of two new scents, and the only one that appealed to me.

Tahitian vanilla bean, white tea, lavender and peach.

In the bottle, First Blush is delicate and sweet – fresh peach, vanilla, and lavender.

Wet on skin, it’s quite a bit more floral – I credit/blame the white tea for this, though it could be the peach, which sometimes does lean floral – but the peach is definitely still dominant. The combination smells, appropriately, like a light peach iced tea. I don’t get much lavender or vanilla at this stage at all.

Later on, the floral elements tone down a bit and I can pick up a little more creamy vanilla and some sweet, herbal lavender. The vanilla continues to come out as it wears, and I like this stage the best, but it never quite approaches the sweetness it has on cold sniff, and that’s a very slight bummer. I also wish the peach and/or white tea leaned less floral in general, but that could very well be a skin chemistry issue – and it’s not really an issue during wear, just on first application.

Sillage is low, but it has decent longevity for such a light scent.

So, I like it a lot – enough that I’m cool with having blind-bought a bottle – but I’m not head-over-heels like I expected to be on first sniff. Come Hither remains the undefeated Champion of My Heart from the Haus’ Valentine’s Day offerings, but First Blush is #2.

I’d like to note that I also picked up a mini pumpkin butter and a whipped soap in this scent, and while I haven’t tried the whipped soap yet (working on an Olde Cider Haus whip at the moment), the lavender is more prominent in the pumpkin butter, but it layers very well with the perfume and definitely increases sillage. I like it, and if I didn’t have an entire closet shelf full of lotions that I could never get through if I moisturized continuously every moment for the rest of my life, I might try to snag a full size tub during the restock. But I do. So I won’t. Probably.

Elevator Pitch: A delicate, girly mix of slightly floral peach tea, sweet lavender, and mild vanilla. Heavier on the floral elements at first, and never super sweet. A light scent that wears close to the skin but lingers.

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