33: arcana bean sidhe


Another member of the Halloween 2013 Grotesqueries: Monsters & Marvels collection today! I had planned to do a full collection review of these, but it kinda looks like I’m working through them one by one instead. Same end result, I suppose.

This is the first scent I bought from this collection when it came out. Can you guess why? I’ll take apples for 500, Alex.

The red-eyed Irish fairy who wails of death’s approach. A delicate blend of dark vanilla and sugared milk is spiked with woodsmoke, pale apple, porter, and glowing red musk.

In the bottle, Bean Sidhe is a wave of dark, sweet vanilla milk, red musk, and apples.

Wet on skin, the red musk pretty much dominates. There’s a slight smokiness, and combined with the dark vanilla, musk, and fruity apple it somehow ends up smelling very slightly bacon-y on my skin. Just a hint. I think it’s mostly the red musk + woodsmoke.

On dry down, it’s mostly glowing red musk – I hate to crib directly from scent descriptions, but glowing is really the best word – with faintly smoky vanilla and apple. It’s not particularly sweet, more musky and smoky with just a little bit of sweetness over top. It smells almost ashy somehow, like the smoldering remains of a fire, and a little bit dirty.

I’m not really a fan of this one. I thought I would be from the notes, and I might be if the vanilla and sugared milk were more prominent, but as it stands it’s a bit too dark and smoky for my taste. I blame the red musk.

Elevator Pitch: Smoky red musk with hints of milky vanilla and apple.

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