32: arcana pushpadhanva


My first non-Arcana Month scent-a-day post is… an Arcana review. Deal with it.

Our tribute to Pushpadhanva, Kamadeva, Manmatha, Ragavrinta: god of love, stalk of passion, shooter of arrows, churner of hearts. Scented with sweet, sharp ginger, mango juice, black tea, baked crumpets and a hint of milk.

In the bottle, Pushpadhanva smells sweet and thick, like mango pastries.

Wet on skin it’s a little sharper and spicier – there’s a lot of ginger. It complements the mango really well.

As it dries, the black tea comes out and kind of takes over. I can still detect the other elements, but at this point it’s more of a black tea scent on my skin than a mango one. The black tea does stay pretty prominent, but further into dry down the mango and crumpets peek out a little more. It gets just a bit milky as well.

Boo-urns, skin chemistry! I love black tea, but I’m discovering that I’m not so into it as a perfume note. Sad, because I love this one in the bottle. Still, I don’t hate it or anything. I like the bread-y crumpet note and the mango. There’s just too much black tea.

Elevator Pitch: Starts out with sharp, gingery mango pastries, but dries down to a predominantly black tea scent with a splash of milk and hints of mango and crumpets.

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