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Still working on finding the good light in our new place… also getting my camera to focus properly. Grr.

In place of your regularly scheduled single-scent review, today I have (almost) an entire collection!

In late December, Arcana released a collection called “Cocktails for Charity.” You can read about the intention behind the collection here, but suffice to say that it’s raising money for a good cause. I originally picked up Bee’s Knees, Dollface, and Sitting pretty, but went back for Giggle Water and Cat’s Whiskers for reasons unbeknownst to sane human beings.

Actually, I can explain Giggle Water. Julia said she had a feeling I’d like it, and who am I to argue with that? Cat’s Whiskers, however, was a total “well, why not” buy.

Bee’s Knees:  Peach nectar, eggnog, whipped cream, and sweet rum.

In the bottle, Bee’s Knees smells heavenly. Thick, sweet peaches and cream with a hint of spice. Wet on skin, I get a lot of spice – nutmeg, mostly, maybe a little bit of cinnamon – laid over the syrupy peach. It’s a lot less creamy than on cold sniff.

On dry down, the spice mellows out a bit – just a bit, it’s still pretty present on my skin – and the creamy eggnog gets a little stronger again, bringing back that lovely peaches and cream I got in the bottle.

Elevator Pitch: Sweet peaches and cream with a kick of nutmeg.

Cat’s Whiskers:  Only for true sybarites. Rich eggnog, dark rum, a suggestion of waffles, a hint of smoky bacon, and 1 tiny drop of sparkling mint.

In the bottle, Cat’s Whiskers smells like… booze, breakfast, and toothpaste. It’s a little weird. Wet on skin, the buttery waffles and rum-filled nog are the most prominent notes. There’s a hint of smoke and a teeny bit of mint around the edges.

It remains pretty linear throughout the dry down, thankfully never becoming the bacon-y smoke monster I was afraid it would be. I originally didn’t plan to pick this one up for that very reason, but I was making another Rhinestone Housewife order anyway, and it’s for a good cause… plus it seemed too strange not to try. But it’s not really that strange at all, in application, and I’m glad I gave it a chance.

Elevator Pitch: Boozy eggnog and waffles with a hint of smoke and the tiniest spark of mint. A warm, spicy scent with a bit of an edge.

Dollface:  Pink champagne with guava, pomegranate, Mexican bakery vanilla, and a splash of juniper.

In the bottle, Dollface smells PINK! Sweet tropical fruit and vanilla – it smells like a pink Starburst. Wet on skin, it’s still extremely fruity and pink, but there’s a slight bubbliness and then a shot of bracing juniper. It smells like a pink gin and tonic. The scent sweetens up a lot as it dries, which pleases me greatly.

I loooove this one this one. It’s lovely and sweet and fruity and not too fizzy. My favorite from the collection so far.

Elevator Pitch: A pink gin and tonic that mellows and sweetens into a pink Starbust.

Giggle Water:  Champagne infused with tropical white blossoms, citron, mango, sweet skin musk, and green galbanum.

In the bottle, Giggle Water smells musky and green, with a heavy dose of sweet white flowers. Wet on skin it’s all green, with some bitter citrus, like sniffing an orange rind. On dry down I start to smell a little bit of those white flowers again, but not too much. Julia said this one was quite green and not very floral, and she was right. Of course. After a little while longer, the bitter green musk mellows out and the scent gets ever so slightly sweeter.

The champagne here is fizzy, fizzier than Dollface, especially at first, but thankfully it does soften after a while. Combined with the floral notes (light though they are) and the sharp green musk, this one started to give me a headache. But after about 30 minutes, it does smooth out into something I actually like, which I wasn’t expecting at all. It’s not the kind of scent I usually go for, and I don’t love the initial phase, but it’s much nicer than I expected.

Elevator Pitch: Bitter citrus, sharp green musk, and a scattering of tropical flowers over a base of fizzy champagne. Not too floral or too sweet.

Sitting Pretty:  Sugared rum poured slowly over warm, sensual vanilla musk.

In the bottle, Sitting Pretty smells like milky vanilla musk and sweet rum. It’s very warm. Wet on skin, it smells sweet and warm and boozy, and almost reminds me a little bit of gingerbread for some reason. It’s not spicy, per se, but it’s got a similar dark, sweet, sticky sort of vibe. On dry down the vanilla gets stronger and the whole scent is smoother, sweeter, and richer.

Oh, this one is good, guys. It’s so good.

Elevator Pitch: Warm, sweet, boozy vanilla musk. A little milky. Sexy and snuggly at the same time.

Overall Thoughts: This collection is great. It’s for a good cause, of course, but the scents themselves are awesome too. My favorites are Sitting Pretty and Dollface – I can’t decide which takes #1, so let’s call it a tie. They’re too different, it’s like comparing apples and llamas. I like Bee’s Knees a lot, but I’d like it more if my skin would lay off the nutmeg. Cat’s Whiskers and Giggle Water, two that I originally skipped getting from this collection, are both better than I expected. I can see myself wearing Giggle Water on occasion, but I’m less certain about Cat’s Whiskers.

The Cocktails for Charity collection can be purchased through The Rhinestone Housewife or directly from Arcana through their Ebay shop. I think you’ll eventually be able to get them from Pretty Indulgent too, though they’re not listed at the moment.

2 thoughts on “arcana cocktails for charity collection

  1. Julia Arcana

    Yes, Pretty Indulgent HAS them! The delay is because they have to get all the way to Canada and anything could happen in the journey. (Unlike Rhinestone Housewife which I can practically see from my back porch.) Maggie is so good, she waits til they arrive to list them.

    Oooh, I’m sorry if Giggle Water wasn’t quite as much your kinda thing as I though it would be!

    • Oh, good to know! I know Pretty Indulgent is super convenient for the Canadian contingent.

      I do like Giggle Water! I’m glad I tried it. It’s just the first part that gives me trouble. A lot of fizzy/bubbly/carbonated scents kind of give me a headache… thankfully this one mellowed out before it completely got there.

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