30: arcana astrid’s diadem


I don’t believe this scent is available anymore, and for that, I apologize… but I’m going to review it anyway. I’m a monster like that.

The Queen of Air’s regalia. A bright sparkler of Madagascar vanilla, Bourbon vanilla, sugared lavender creme, citron, lemongrass, peppermint, and a touch of stately patchouli.

In the bottle, Astrid’s Diadem is rich, sweet vanilla with mint, lemongrass, and just the barest hint of lavender. Gorgeous.

Wet on skin, the lemongrass and mint are the most prominent notes. I love lemongrass scents, so this is a definite plus for me. The mint is sweet, but not toothpaste-y. It smells like a lemongrass buttermint or something.

As it dries, the lavender comes out, sweet and creamy but still a touch herbal. The lemongrass and mint and lavender swirl over a creamy vanilla base, sweet but not cloying, bright but not abrasive, and somehow deep as well. There’s just a little tiny bit of patchouli, but it’s by no means a patchouli scent. It just serves to deepen and ground the scent. I’ve noticed patchouli serving this function in a few other Arcanas (Aestas and Winter Mirth come to mind) and it works beautifully.

Okay, so… this scent is basically a bunch of my favorite notes mashed into a bottle, so I was destined to like it. But I don’t just like it. I looooove it. Astrid’s Diadem is gorgeous, and it’s a shame it was so limited because now I have to hoard this bottle. And also you can’t get it either, I guess, which is pretty sad too.

Elevator Pitch: Lemongrass, mint, and lavender over a creamy vanilla base, with just a touch of patchouli to ground it. Sweet, bright, and rich. A stunning scent.

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