29: arcana love


I’m feeling really run down today, so I wanted to review something creamy and comforting. Enter Love.

Splendid dazzling devotion. A breathtaking vanilla accord is accompanied by fresh cream, sugar cane, soft musk, and a pinch of tea leaves.

In the bottle, Love is an extremely milky vanilla musk.

Wet on skin, it’s milky, musky vanilla sugar. Sweet and creamy. If you don’t like milky scents, this one isn’t for you. At this stage it reminds me a bit of Firebird’s Almond Milk, sans almond.

After a few minutes, a little tea comes out – black tea, I think. It’s not strong, just a little something to cut the milky sweetness. It doesn’t cut it much, though. Love is pretty damn sweet.

Further on, this isn’t as soft and creamy as I remember – it’s pretty musky, and the tea is a little sharp in the background. I do like it, though, because it falls into the vanilla musk category, and as we all know, VANILLA MUSK 4EVA.

(I’d like it better without the tea, though. I love black tea as a beverage, but I’m coming to the conclusion that I don’t care for it much in perfume.)

Elevator Pitch: A milky vanilla musk with sugar and tea. Milkier at first, the tea and musk get more prominent on dry down.

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