26: arcana the sunflower’s lament


Today’s scent has been on my “to review” list since the beginning of Arcana Month, but when my fellow perfume-o-phile and recent Arcana convert Alison from Scents and Sea Spray posted a review of the Sunflower and Moonflower duo, I took it as a sign that The Sunflower’s Lament’s time had finally come.

Tears on the warmest, brightest day: apricot, chamomile, opoponax resin, petitgrain, peach, lavender, green cognac, heather, heliotrope, sweet clove, sticky benzoin, and iron-distilled patchouli.

In the bottle, The Sunflower’s Lament smells golden, fruity, and herbal. Peach for sure, and lavender and sappy green things.

Wet on skin, the peach is a bit fainter and I get a lot of herby florals. Like, it’s a little floral, but the scrubby wildflower kind of floral, lavender and heather and tall feathery grasses. It’s not exactly sweet here, but this scent in general has a golden feel to it – like sunlight through honey, a warm golden amber color.

As it dries, it becomes more about peach and resins, with just a bit of that herby floral scent in the background. It’s deeper and very slightly spicy, with a sharp greenish edge. While the peach is more prominent here, I don’t know that I’d ever classify this scent as particularly fruity. It is, however, gorgeous. I’ve had this one kicking around for at least a year, probably more, and doing this review reminded me that I don’t give it nearly enough love.

Elevator Pitch: A bit of peach and a lot of scrubby herbs and flowers at first, it does down into a slightly spicy resinous peach scent over a faintly herbal/floral backdrop. A warm, golden scent, but not sweet.

In unrelated but also related news, I’ve been thinking about how Arcana Month is coming to an end and what I want to do going forward. I’ve really been enjoying doing these reviews, because it’s forcing me to actually comb through my collection and test out things that I’ve had sitting, unloved, for months or years. I’ve found a few scents to destash, but mostly I’ve just gained a greater appreciation for what I have. So I don’t really want to stop once January ends, you know?

I’m thinking about maybe just keeping this train rolling as a general scent-a-day project, and either continuing to work through my Arcana collection or switching it up and featuring other scents as well. I’m leaning toward the former, because reviewing everything from one company in an orderly fashion really appeals to me, and then afterward I’d just pick another company and lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m not really sure yet, to be honest, but that’s where my brain is right now, anyway.

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