24: arcana caffeinated death


By request of the lovely Noon from Peachy Noon, we have the ominously/deliciously-named Caffeinated Death.

A fatally wired combination of cocoa absolute, coffee, chai spices, Bourbon vanilla and white cognac. You can sleep when you’re dead.

In the bottle, Caffeinated Death smells like huffing a bottle of Kahlua. It’s intensely syrupy coffee with a boozy edge, and also some chocolate. It smells positively drinkable.

Wet on skin, there’s much less coffee and chocolate, and more spice and cognac. It smells like a spiked mocha chai. Is that a thing? It should be. The coffee and cocoa are definitely there, but much less in your face.

On dry down, it’s boozy and spicy and mocha-y. The spices aren’t heavy (for once in my entire life), they just keep the scent from being too sweet. It’s like dry Mexican hot chocolate with a few shots of strong espresso and a generous hit of booze. The spice get a little stronger as it wears.

In the bottle, I thought this might be similar to Ooomph, but it’s not at all. Ooomph is all milky coffee all the time, while Caffeinated Death is coffee + spicy chocolate + booze. I think Ooomph is still my favorite, but I like Caffeinated Death a lot. I think “fatally wired” is an apt description.

Elevator Pitch: Spicy coffee and cocoa with a boozy edge. Dry and not terribly sweet. Like Mexican hot chocolate with a few shots of strong espresso. And booze.

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