22: arcana pretty lollies


Today’s scent is the Pretty Indulgent exclusive Pretty Lollies. There are/were a number of “Lollies” scents from different retailers – SBC has/had Derby Lollies, and Magical Omaha has/had Magical Lollies. I haven’t tried either of the others, but since I was ordering from Pretty Indulgent I took the opportunity to pick this one up.

Pomegranate, sparkling citron, pearl musk, pink musk, sweet milk, ylang ylang, vanilla, and a hint of peppermint.

In the bottle, Pretty Lollies smells very pink. Sweet and fruity and a little fizzy, definitely citrusy. Smells a bit like upscale fruit punch.

Wet on skin, it’s sparkling citrus and red fruit over an unexpectedly minty, musky base. The mint isn’t strong, just enough to make the scent a bit “cool.” The fruit and citrus (which is also a fruit, obviously, but when it comes to perfume, citrus and other fruits are two totally different beasts in my opinion) combo is really nice, sweet and zesty and very girly.

As it dries, some milky vanilla joins the party, and it pairs really nicely with the minty-musky base. That part actually reminds me a bit of yesterday’s scent, Frozen Heart, but Pretty Lollies is a million times fruitier. The mint is also less pronounced, and the vanilla is milkier. The citrus takes a backseat to the red fruits here as well.

Further into dry down, it’s a pink vanilla musk with a touch of mint. There’s a bit of fruity sweetness floating over it, but it just sort of blends together into the general “pink” feeling. It’s very soft and pretty.

I really like this one. I’m glad I caved into my whim and picked it up, because it’s a welcome addition to my collection. It’s very pretty and girly without being overly sweet.

Elevator Pitch: Fruity punch-y sparkling citrus and red fruits at the start, it mellows into a soft, pretty, lightly fruity pink vanilla musk with a touch of mint.

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