21: arcana frozen heart


Today’s scent was chosen because it’s snowing AGAIN and I hate it. Frozen heart, indeed.

The essence of a snow queen’s glacial affections. An enchanted concoction of spiky black pepper, cold peppermint, icy watermelon, pale vanilla and pearl musk. Beware of glittering women in sleighs who promise you the world.

In the bottle, Frozen Heart smells like watermelon bubblegum. Sniffing at some more, it’s definitely not just that, but that’s how it strikes me at first.

Wet on skin it’s much less sweet and fruity. There’s mint and musk and a little bit of a peppery bite. It reminds me a little of Puppy Kisses, only way, way, way less sweet and creamy. The minty musk smells quite cold, which is appropriate.

A little bit of watermelon wafts over everything, just a hint of pink sweetness. It’s still a bit bubblegummy.

The watermelon fades as it dries, making the whole scent a little less sweet. At the same time, though, I start to get a mild vanilla that’s very pretty. The end result is a cool minty-vanilla musk with a very slight edge of pepper. All the “frozen” and “icy” adjectives are fitting.

I was a little afraid of this one – Arcana’s pepper can sometimes blow up on my skin – but it’s really nice. Less fruity and much more understated than I expected from a watermelon scent.

Elevator Pitch: Watermelon bubblegum in the bottle, on skin it’s a minty-vanilla musk with a hint of pepper. The mint is most prominent at the start, the vanilla on dry down.


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