20: arcana lady lamb


Caroline Lamb, Lord Byron’s eccentric mistress, was brilliant, beautiful, and infamously obsessed with him. Rich yellow gateau, strawberries, dark clove, vanilla, champagne, and a mad little dash of mint.

In the bottle, Lady Lamb smells like mint bubblegum at first, and then I get some clove and fruity sweetness.

Wet on skin, mint bubblegum! Minty and sweet with a pink sort of fruitiness. The spicy clove is mercifully mellow, and I can smell a hint of cakey richness underneath it all.

As it dries, the clove gets a bit stronger, but never overpoweringly so. The bubblegum starts to read more as strawberry, too. Further along, the cake and creamy vanilla become a little more noticeable. It’s lovely.

Lady Lamb is an odd bird. It’s not at all what I was expecting from the notes – it’s definitely more spicy and less cakey. Plus the strawberry reading as bubblegum at first is just weird. I think it’s the combination of strawberry and mint. But I do really like it, especially the dry down.

Elevator Pitch: Mint bubblegum and clove that dries into a spiced strawberry shortcake. Sweet, fruity, creamy, spicy.

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