18: arcana angel clare


Idealistic and unyielding. An agrarian blend of green apples, wild oat extract, wheat, hay, honey, and a pinch of fresh herbs.

In the bottle, Angel Clare is sweet and herbal, with apples and a touch of honey.

Wet on skin, it’s quite sharp. It reminds me a little of Blooddrop’s Epona, all oats and sharp, dusty hay. The apples are there, but just peeking out.

About 10 minutes into the dry down, it’s softened nicely and mostly smells like hay and apples. After another 5 minutes, the honey sweetness shows up and and coats the hay and apples and herbs in a wash of golden sunshine. Does that sound cheesy? Yes. The answer is yes, it sounds cheesy as hell. But oh well, because that’s what it smells like. And that’s how it stays throughout wear. It is wonderful.

It wears close to the skin, no major sillage with this one. I don’t believe I’ve ever met an apple scent that shouted across the room, though.

I’ve had this in my stash for well over a year without ever trying it out. To that end, I have regrets. But I’m glad I finally got around to it, because it’s a really lovely little scent. I’m not sure what the status of this one is, though – it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere. So I guess I’m sorry I’m teasing you with it, because it’s awesome. Many apologies. (You can pry this bottle out of my cold, dead, deliciously perfumed hands.)

Elevator Pitch: Very sharp at first, it quickly mellows into hay, apples, and herbs washed in warm honey. Soft, herbal, and just slightly sweet. The honey doesn’t overpower, it just makes it smell like the goddamn golden hour in an apple orchard. Unf.

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