16: arcana arctic bear


Straight up front: I ordered this one for the name and the label. I love bears. I collect bear things. When I was in the ICU on a massive morphine drip a couple years ago, I apparently told my fiance (then boyfriend) that my spirit animal is a double-fuzzy llama bear. Bear and I, we have A Thing. So this had to be mine, despite being a little iffy on the actual scent description.

Cave in to shivery pleasures with this festively icy blend straight from the North Pole. A playful mix of aromatic Northern bayberry, frosted Siberian fir needle oil and the dry freshness of snowy woods. Hail the Great Arctic Bear!

In the bottle, Arctic Bear smells like Christmas trees. Very strong pine and fir.

Wet on skin, it’s like being in the middle of a Christmas tree farm – fir trees and wood. Cold and dry, and very potent.

Dry down isn’t significantly different. It warms up a bit and develops a touch of sweetness, but no major morphing. Further in, the sharp fir softens nicely. I like this stage best.

Good sillage – the scent is quite strong in general.

I like this one, even if it’s not something I’ll wear often. I would, however, keep it around for the bottle even if it smelled like a bear den after 6 months in hibernation. (Thankfully it does not.)

Elevator Pitch: Smells like Christmas trees. Very potent fir and dry woods, warm and cold at the same time. Ever so slightly sweet. Reminds me a little bit of Firebird’s Viking, with the hot/cold contrast.

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