13: arcana st. john’s apothecary honey vanilla


Long name for a simple scent! I’ve been curious about this one for a while, because hey, I love Arcana’s honey and I love vanilla, so how could it be bad? Well, I picked it up from The Rhinestone Housewife in December, so now I finally get to test it out.

A classic, single-note apothecary oil with the luscious essence of Madagascar honey vanilla.

In the bottle, SJA Honey Vanilla smells like, well, honey and vanilla. The vanilla has a bit of a boozy vanilla extract-ish scent to it, and the honey is sweet and every so slightly powdery.

Wet on skin, the vanilla is sharply boozy at first, but quickly tamped down by the powdery honey. I don’t usually find Arcana’s honey to be of the powdery variety, but this one is definitely giving me a baby powder vibe. It’s not unpleasant – in fact the combination is rather soft and comforting, like new baby smell – but it’s definitely powdery.

Dry down is linear, no real morphing. The vanilla gets a bit stronger as it wears. I like this, but I don’t love it. I was hoping the honey would be the deep, golden honey that Arcana does so well. Still, it’s a nice, simple scent.

Elevator Pitch: Slightly boozy vanilla and soft, powdery honey. A little like sniffing a clean baby, without the milkiness.

Tomorrow: A duo of Venus scents, I think! Callipyge and Libertina.

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