11: madame lapin


Today’s scent is another one that was just too adorable not to buy. Smells like bunnies? SIGN ME UP.

The essence of a soft brown bunny: fragrant notes of sweet honey, dry Atlas cedarwood, warm toast, buttermilk, and a subtle blend of spices.

In the bottle, Madame Lapin smells warm and sweet, mostly like honey and light spices. Wet on skin, the cedarwood is the strongest note, along with a toasty, bread-y note. The combination of cedar and toast and honey does smell a bit like a hamster cage to me at first, but I get that from nearly every cedar scent.

The toastiness gets stronger as it dries, and the honey and spices mostly overpower the cedar note. It’s not overly spicy, just a little bit, and the overall effect of the blend is warm, sweet, and toasty, with lots of honey and just a bit of cedarwood underneath it all. A few hours into wear, I notice a lot more of the buttery toast scent. It’s very snuggly once it dries.

Elevator Pitch: Warm, lightly spiced honey and toast over a base of dry cedar wood. Weird image, but imagine eating toast with lots of honey in a cedar closet. Snuggy and mild.

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