10: arcana bluestocking


“I have met with women whom I really think would like to be married to a poem, and to be given away by a novel.”

-John Keats

Lavender, warm milk, rich vanilla, white heather, yuzu, petitgrain, and a smattering of sunflowers.

In the bottle, Bluestocking smells strongly of lavender and some bitter green floral at first. On second sniff, a touch of milky vanilla and sweet citrus comes out.

Wet on skin, the bitter green floral-y note (petitgrain + heather?) is strongest, followed by the sour-sweet yuzu. After a few minutes, a slightly spicy, woody note starts to come out. It smells like bending and breaking flexible green twigs… a little sappy. It stays like this for quite a while.

Further into dry down, the bitterness has faded a bit, and I start to get a little lavender and milky vanilla again. This trend continues as it wears, softening and sweetening nicely. I don’t love the initial bitterness of this one, but I quite like the final dry down. It’s soft and pretty.

Elevator Pitch: A soft citrus and lavender blend over a base of milky vanilla. A little bitter, a little floral, a little sweet. More bitter and floral at first, sweeter and milkier on dry down.

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