08 & 09: star light, star bright


I was supposed to review Soul Eater yesterday, buuuuut I didn’t. So today I’ve got a pair of scents to make up for it! But what of Soul Eater, you ask? Maybe tomorrow. We shall see.

Star Light: Sugar cookies infused with Mexican vanilla and sprinkled with tiny hints of peach, fig, and raisin.

YUM. In the bottle, Star Light smells like sweet, rich vanilla and juicy peach, plus something that reads a little pineapple-y to me… there’s a slight booziness to it as well, like rum raisins. Wet on skin it’s a fruity dream, creamy and sweet and peachy with a tiny bit of darker sweetness grounding it.

As it dries, a buttery, cookie-ish note comes out, making this one EVEN BETTER LIKE THAT WAS POSSIBLE. No big morphing throughout wear, though, just rich, fruity, buttery sweet loveliness.

I’ve had this one for probably a year and just tried it out for the first time recently. I’m really kicking myself for waiting so long – it’s awesome, and if you like sweet, fruity scents at all, you should try it out. Recently I chose a few Arcana scents to send home to my sister and niece, and this is one of them. (Star Light for my niece, Snug for my sister.)

Elevator Pitch: Rich vanilla, juicy peach, and a few rummy raisins over a base of buttery cookie goodness.

Star Bright: A sexy mix of red wine, guava, crisp apple, rose jam, and bone musk with sparks of massoia and clary sage.

In the bottle, Star Bright smells sharply fruity, like rich wine and apples, and a little bit herbal. Wet on skin, it’s a little bit spicy and musky, and the wine dominates the fruitier elements.

On dry down, the apple and guava peek back out, and the rose starts to make itself known. It’s a sweet rose, soft and not perfumey. A little bit of herbal sage floats around the edges, keeping it from going too floral or too fruity.

This one is interesting. I’m not usually a huge fan of wine scents – they can come off sour – but I like it here. It’s rich and not overly fermented-smelling, like dark red wine.

Elevator Pitch: Tart apple, sweet rose, and a tiny bit of sage over a base of rich, musky red wine. Definitely the more grown up of the Star Light, Star Bright duo, and quite sexy.

Of the two of these, I prefer Star Light (of course I do), but I like Star Bright as well, and can see wearing it on a date night or some day when I want to feel more like an Actual Adult and not a 31-year-old woman child who smells like cookies. (Which is what speaks to my soul, so no judgments. Me + Cookies 4Eva.)

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