07: arcana ghost pumpkin


An evocation of the eerily pale Lumina pumpkin: a base of pipe tobacco and toasty jack o’ lantern, a heart of rice milk and white pepper, and a topping of sugary marshmallow.

In the bottle, Ghost Pumpkin smells mostly like tobacco, wet and sweet, with a little bit of pepper.

Wet on skin the pepper is strong and spicy, Yowza. There’s tobacco and a toasty sweetness underneath, but I get a whole lot of pepper at this stage.

On dry down, something almost creamy comes out, smoothing over the pepper juuuuust a little. It’s still very pepper-heavy on my skin, though. There’s something cold and white about this scent – it’s a little strange, but very much the intended effect. It dries down to spicy pepper and sweet tobacco with just a touch of milkiness.

The pepper does quiet down with wear. After about an hour, it’s not very peppery at all, and a creamy, marshmallow-y sweetness has come out. At this point, I love it.

From initial application through the first 30-60 minutes, I like this one, but don’t love it. It’s the pepper. After that? YES PLEASE. Once the pepper shuts up and the marshmallow comes out, ooh man.

Elevator Pitch: Cool white pepper and sweet tobacco. Heavy on the pepper, especially at the beginning. Final dry down is less peppery and much sweeter.

On deck: maybe Soul Eater? Bluestocking? (The answer is: whichever picture came out the clearest.)

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