04: arcana avalon


Today’s scent is another one of my first Arcanas, and one that I knew I had to have immediately upon reading the description. HELLO APPLES. Also I was kind of obsessed with those Mists of Avalon books in my early teen years, so I have a little bit of a soft spot for Arthurian stuff.

A harmonious blend of fresh apples, green herbs, and wildflowers, in homage to the ancient Celtic version of the gloriously sweet hereafter: a happy land of apple orchards and perpetual soft summer days.

In the bottle, Avalon smells like soft green apple over a sweetly herbaceous, slightly musky base. Wet on skin, the green herbs are the most prominent, with a faint apple sweetness floating over top. It is lightly floral, but not heady or perfumey.

After a few minutes, the the floral notes have mellowed and blended with the green herbs and apples to create a very fresh, clean, Spring-y scent. This stage continues throughout the dry down and beyond.

The apple in Avalon isn’t really prominent at any point – it’s there, but it’s not the star of the show. But even still, I love this one. It’s soft and fresh and smells like rolling around in a field of dew-covered wildflowers on a warm Spring day. Sillage isn’t massive, but it never is with this kind of scent. It wears close to the skin and has below-average lasting power for an Arcana scent, though of course that will vary depending on your skin chemistry.

Avalon also earns a spot on the short-but-growing list of MTW-approved Florals for Floral Haters. (One day I’m actually going to make that list, yeah?)

Elevator Pitch: A soft green floral with a hint of apple sweetness. The epitome of a Spring scent.

BONUS: If you’re wondering how this compares to the late, lamented Maedwe from Haus of Gloi… it’s not the same, but they’re definitely in the same family, and of the two I much prefer Avalon. Maedwe (“pesky dandelions, red clover patches, creeping sweetpea blooms and the dense afternoon haze of blossoming fruit trees”) is also a green floral, but the floral notes are more prominent and the green is sharper, and on my skin it lacks the gentle sweetness that’s so lovely in Avalon.

A big thank you to /u/weepy over on IMAM for generously offering to send me a sample of Maedwe so I could FINALLY try it out after years of pining.

On deck for tomorrow: Puppy Kisses!

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