02: arcana ambrosia


Today we have a review for what was, many moons ago in 2011, my very first Arcana scent ever! Aww, Ambrosia. If only you knew what sort of floodgates you opened.

Recipes for ambrosia, the magical food which bestowed eternal youth on the Greek gods, have long been lost. However, we have it on the best authority that this melding of fragrant honey, peaches, lemons, custard and coconut is divinely close.

In the bottle, Ambrosia is sweet – super duper seriously sweet honey and lemon, creamy and very fruity. Wet on skin it’s much the same, but the other fruitiness becomes more apparently peachy. It’s like tooth-achingly sweet lemon bars with peach compote and honey.

Ambrosia remains very sweet throughout the dry-down and beyond, but the citrus does mellow a bit, and some coconut starts to peek out, and gets more prominent after it’s dry. I like this stage the best.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I like sweet scents, and sweet lemon/lemon cake scents are usually winners on me, but something about this particular brand of super-saturated citrus sweetness is borderline too much for me. I like it once it’s dried down, though, so I keep changing my mind about it. Things that make you go HMM.

Elevator Pitch: Super sweet, creamy lemon with peaches and honey.

Coming on Saturday: Genteel!

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