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What’s this? A post? A real live post?

It’s true – I am alive and well and trying not to ignore this poor blog anymore. So let’s start by talking about some Violette Market scents that I just shipped off to a new home. Hence the lack of a photo. Also I keep getting home too late to get any decent daylight shots. They were decants. Use your imagination.

I ordered these forever ago (months and months, honestly) and never even got around to skin-testing them before selling them off. Such is the enormity of my perfume backlog at the moment. But I did do regular old sniff tests before I decided to get rid of them, which is what I have for you today.

These are all just straight from the vial impressions, so I can’t speak to if or how they morph on skin. Might be useful, might not, but it’s the best I can do with this batch of scents. (Can you tell already that I didn’t love them? Violette Market and I don’t get along too well, it seems.)

Carrot Cremes Penny Candy: Confection of carrot candy swirled in vanilla creme.

Super super over-the-top cloyingly sweet carrot cake, heavy on the frosting. There’s a synthetic edge to it.

Rosewater Meringue: Sweet Meringues fluffed into high peaks infused with Spanish rosewater.

A gently sweetened rose at first, pretty nice, but it gets sweeter and sweeter with each sniff. Not nearly as sweet as Carrot Cremes, but it’s got a bit of the same synthetic smell. The rose is a little perfumey and the whole affair kind of gives me a headache. This is like Solstice Scents Rose Mallow Cream if you got it in a pink plastic spray bottle at the mall.

Brandied Peach Honey: Local Ohio peach blossom honey, dark buckwheat honey, brandied peaches, oat flower, milk weed flower, golden patchouli, sweet spices, and bee balm dust.

Oddly floral and spicy, a tiny bit fruity and heavy on the honey. It’s not sweet, golden honey, though. Again I’m coming back to it smelling synthetic. I expected to like this one, but I don’t at all. It also exacerbated the headache that Rosewater Meringue gave me.

Little Hawaii: Vanilla Sands: Rich vanilla bean, pink strawberries, vanilla paste, lemon blossom, brandied peach honey, lavender sugar, Bourbon vanilla, ripe white raspberries, Tahitian vanilla orchid, and coconut cream.

Incredibly sweet and fruity, this smells like strawberry cream candy. It’s the best of the bunch so far and I’m glad I kept the decant around.

Sea Salt Taffy Pull: Taffy, crushed white and pink sea salt with hints of Bourbon vanilla, vanilla cream, pink sugar cane, lemon blossom, orange cream, raspberry truffle, blueberry, and caramel.

This smells like Aquolina Pink Sugar or any of the million dupes or homages out there – sugary sweet, a little fruity, a little musky. There’s a little bit of butteriness underneath this one as well. It’s pleasant, but nothing unique and not really for me.

Sunset Over the Grandstand: Dusty vanilla, organic local Ohio honey, sun scorched sandalwood, golden vanilla, tumbleweeds, aged boot leather, saffron, and rodeo dust lifted into the air among the peach and pink clouds of the sunset.

Leather, full stop. And then an artificial fruity sweetness, vanilla and peach, with a sort of dusty note over the whole thing. Not as good as that sounds.

Parachute Swings: Wind-swept sheer vanilla, white lotus accord, strawberry seeds, vanilla orchid petals, chilled cream, blue cedar, an infusion of raw Tahitian vanilla pods, and Greek water mint.

Starts out a soapy floral, kind of like dryer sheets, and then I get a cool, creamy mint in the background. Meh.

Milk Maid: Creamy milk, pale strawberry musk, gardenia cream, light amber specks, home-grown yellow roses, sweet grass, and golden farm hay.

A sweet, lightly milky floral with some soft fruity notes (strawberry). If it were a color it would be pale blossom pink. In the same category as Solstice Scents Nightgown or Haus of Gloi Milkmaid, only… flatter, less nuanced. Also less creamy and more floral. Not for me, but I suppose it’s not altogether unpleasant if you like these sorts of scents.

Bourbon Vanilla Sugared Dough: Sweet Bourbon vanilla sugared dough with hints of Tahitian vanilla, coconut cream, and powdered sugar.

I wanted this to smell like a funnel cake. It does not smell like a funnel cake. Rather, it smells like a funnel cake-scented candle you might find on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond – waxy, overly sweet, and altogether artificial. If I had to break it down I’d say I smell mostly boozy vanilla with hints of coconut and sugary musk, but that makes it sound way better than it is.

Dunk Tank: A refreshing splash of cold water, followed by a fruity assortment of watermelon musk, passion fruit, cantaloupe, lime peel, water lily, red mandarin, litsea blossom, creamy vanilla, and caramel sugar.

Melon! This one is pretty pleasant. It’s all melon – watermelon and cantaloupe – plus some other light, fruity, summery-smelling things. It’s like a melon sorbet or something. There’s a cool wateriness to it that smells very refreshing. If I hadn’t already promised this one to someone, I might keep it. Alas. Smell before you sell, ladies and gentlemen. (Not really. This is nice and all but I don’t like it enough to weep over passing on the decant.)

Candied Apples: An assortment of local Ohio apples, coated in thick red candied shells, with hawthorn wood, oak wood, and cherry wood sticks.

Smells like wood and cinnamon with just the barest hint of apple. It smells a bit like a Thanksgiving or Christmas scented candle (probably called “Roaring Fire” or “Mulled Cider” or something), which I didn’t expect from a summer collection, but there you go.

As I’m sure you can tell, these didn’t do much for me. Maybe if I’d tried them on my skin I’d feel differently, but based on the Violette Market stuff I’ve tried in the past, I’m thinking it wouldn’t have made a huge difference. It’s a company I’ve generally stayed away from, because nothing I’ve tried has ever really worked super well for me, and these continue that trend. I’m at the point where I’m confident in saying that Violette Market just isn’t for me, and that’s totally fine. Less stuff for me to lust after and collect!

Hopefully these will work out better for the lovely redditor I passed them along to. Godspeed, little samples.

2 thoughts on “violette market state fair 2014

  1. subaru17

    I bought two rollerballs (and got one free) from the Halloween collection. I feel weird for saying this; but I found them all disappointing because they were too strong! I would rather have them weaker. I agree when you said one of the scents was like an artificial candle. I think if the scents were toned down a bit, they would be more bearable. I won’t be buying from VM again either. Priced too high for a so-so product.

    • I feel like it usually works the other way around! People want them more potent. I don’t feel one way or another about the strength of the scents, but I haven’t been a huge fan of anything I’ve tried from VM. They all do smell kind of synthetic. Definitely not a brand I’ll be going back to, especially with all the others out there that I do love to throw money at.

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