low-buy july update #3


Two orders this week – one from Darling Clandestine as a birthday present to myself, and one at the very last minute this evening after the awesome-looking (and all vegan!) new shop Life’s Entropy announced its opening over on /r/indiemakeupandmoreTechnically that order pushed me over my low-buy budget, but a relative sent me a birthday card with some cash in it, so I’m choosing to count that money toward my budget the same way I would a gift card. A loophole, perhaps, but I think it’s fair enough. Also it’s my birthday (not anymore), I’ll make up rules it I want to.

Before purchasing from Life’s Entropy tonight, I’d intended to spend the remainder of my budget at Blooddrop… now that’s either going to have to wait a couple of weeks or I might make up another rule and sell some things to finance a few new bottles of perfume. I’m undecided. And terrible at this self-restraint thing, apparently.

Darling Clandestine (7/16/14)

Maudlin & Bedlam vegan solid perfume

Fisticuffs bottle

Bitsies of Fire Eater, Step Right Up, and Pestanas

Total: $38.50

Life’s Entropy Cosmetics (7/20/14)

Blogger pack + one extra eyeshadow sample + one extra contour stick sample

(I got the entire Animal Sanctuary collection, Apoptosis lip theory, Proton contour stick, and Neutron contour stick sample)

Total: $25.40 (with discount code)

Combined Total: $63.90

Total Spent in July: $118.26 – $30 birthday cash = $88.26

Remaining Budget: $11.74

2 thoughts on “low-buy july update #3

  1. emily

    Keep sticking to your no-buy!! Do you have a reward for yourself if you stick to it? I always feel happier and more content with myself if I actually do something I tell myself I will. I also feel sort of guilty if I break a promise to myself, but that might be remnants of my 2-days-every-week-at-church-for-13-years poking through.

    Thanks for the indie company referral, too! Her colors look AMAZING. I can’t wait to buy from her next month!!

    • I’m trying! I don’t know if I could do a real no-buy… or maybe it would be easier? Like it’s easier to have no cookies if you don’t even let yourself think about cookies, but if you let yourself have one or two… well… I mean cookies are a solid breakfast, right? In any case, I think I’m going to be okay! Just a few more days until August really, and the perfumes I want don’t seem to be in any immediate danger of selling out. I don’t have a reward in mind (because it would probably just be more perfume), but it would be nice to complete this little challenge.

      Doesn’t Life’s Entropy look awesome?? I can’t wait to try her stuff. I’m really impressed with the site, the branding, all of it.

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