low-buy july update #2


Two purchases this week! I didn’t really intend to pick up anything when DC re-opened (who am I even kidding?), but when Evonne posted about having a limited quantity of Limerence solids, well… so much for that. I don’t even think I’ll like Limerence, to be honest, but I’m very much in Pokemon mode with DC (gotta catch ’em all!) and the phrase “limited stock” lights a fire under my ass like nothing else. And since I was buying one thing anyway, well, I might as well pick up another thing… or two… right? Suuuure. At least I only added on one thing this time and not 15.

The other purchase was on single little decant from an Arcana Coasts of Cascadia circle. Sea Glass is the only one left from that collection that I don’t have either a bottle or sample of, and in addition to the name and description being too lovely to resist, the completionist in me couldn’t pass up the chance to have the whole set.

Darling Clandestine (7/7/2014)

One day before the shop officially opened and I was already placing orders. Eek.

Limerence vegan solid perfume

Tilt-a-Whirl vegan solid perfume

Hellbender vegan solid perfume (add-on when it came back in stock the next day)

Total: $22 + 9 = $31

Arcana Coasts of Cascadia decant circle (7/8/14)

One decant of Sea Glass

Total: $6

Combined Total: $37

Grand Total Spent in July: $54.36

Remaining Budget: $45.62

Not too bad. I’ve resisted lots of sales and things and I’m pretty proud of myself! There’s a ton more I want from DC and others, but I’m hoping my birthday (coming up on the 16th!) will provide some opportunities to pick things up without putting any more dents in my budget.

And unfortunately I’ve got some more motivation to stick to this low-buy situation, because my laptop is on the verge of biting it… two months after my AppleCare warranty expired, while I’m in the middle of a pile of freelance work and a hefty test design project for a job interview. Because of course it is. I thought it died for real last night and I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. So in addition to saving for a house, I am now saving for a new laptop, or at the very least an expensive fix. Hurrayyyyy.


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