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Full-size shadows with adorable watercolor kitty labels.

Hello Waffle is a relatively new brand that I’d heard a lot of buzz about over on /r/indiemakeupandmore, but never got around to trying until very recently. They’re closed at the moment, and will be for another month or so, but I didn’t want to just sit on these swatches for that long, so here you go: a post full of eyeshadow you can’t have. YET. Soon!

I placed my order during a sale on June 6th, it shipped on June 24th, and I received it on June 30th. It ran slightly over TAT, which Christine noted on my invoice, but to make up for it she included two extra full-size shadows, which was very sweet. The actual shipping time was not bad at all considering that Hello Waffle is based in Canada. There are downsides to this for the US shopper, of course – shipping is slightly more expensive than what I’m used to from US companies (though still very cheap for international shipping – $6 flat rate, which is probably about half of what the orders cost to ship in reality), and does not include tracking (I believe it can be purchased separately, but it is costly) – but considering that shipping from Silk Naturals is $4+ and also doesn’t include tracking (which, let’s be real, is stupid when it’s US to US shipping), I don’t consider either of these things real problems and they certainly would not put me off from ordering again, especially given HW’s extremely reasonable pricing.

I ordered the Blogger Pack, which at the time included 2 full-size eyeshadows, 10 shadow samples, a full-size blush, one blush sample, one full-size lip balm, and two lip balm samples. I ordered an addition full-size eyeshadow and lip balm, and received another full-size eyeshadow as a GWP, plus two more as a “sorry your order exceeded TAT” gesture. Today it’s all about the eyeshadows; I’ll review the blush and (now discontinued) lip balms in a separate post.

Vegan note: Hello Waffle is NOT all vegan. Many of the shadows and almost all of the blushes contain carmine. However, vegan options are clearly marked, and the (again, now discontinued) lip balms were all vegan. There was some vegan confusion with the blush I ordered (Rose Coloured Glasses), which I’ll cover in the next post. When I ordered I requested that any extra samples be vegan, and the two extra shadows I received were.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Snow Bees: White with silver shimmer that has a hint of orange.

Cream with a slightly orangey overlay. This was one of full-size shadow choices.

Dormouse: Pale sparkly taupe.

A beautiful sparkly beigey taupe. This was my additional full-size purchase.

Gryphon: Muted bluish-gray taupe.

Slate or pewter grey, more of a metallic finish. This was included as an extra.

Bartok: Copper with bronze, gold, and red sparkle.

Gorgeous metallic copper with red sparks. This was my other full-size choice from the blogger pack.

Whale Hello There: Pale shimmery lilac, leans blue.

Sparkly pale lavender, leaning blue. I swear I wrote this description before I grabbed the official one off the website. This was a Color of the Month that I asked to be substituted for the GWP color at the time of my order, which Christine very kindly honored.

Rainforest: Vibrant green-blue with sparkles.

A deep emerald/jungle green, a bit less sparkly. This was part of a past GWP duo and was included as an extra. I bet this would make a killer liner.

hw_samplesPlease excuse the raggedy labels on these – they did NOT come that way! Some big dumb dummy (me) spilled a glass of water all over her photo/swatching area. I messed up some of the full-size labels, too. Sad face.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy

Pachelbel: Sparkly white-gold, wedding-like.

Sparkly white. I debated between this and Snow Bees for my full-size, and I’m glad I went with Snow Bees. Pachelbel is very pretty but not quite as unique.

Debussy: Soft pastel green with subtle golden highlights.

Pale spring green.

Prince: Dirty bronze shimmer.

Warm medium brown, slightly less sparkly than the rest.

Locked Doors: Dirty brown with gold shimmer.

Warm, slightly taupier brown, very sparkly.

Bae: Dark stormy copper with silver sparkle.

Similar to Locked Doors, but with a more silvery sheen.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

March Hare: Rich brown with a lively red undertone.

Warm, dark purplish brown.

Wastelands: Brownish red with yellow sparkle.

Sparkly warm golden brown.

Pride: Warm dark lilac with light purple sparks.

A really pretty warm medium purple with reddish sparks. I love this one.

Enchantress: Shimmery copper leaning purple.

Dark burgundy.

Kai: Reddened copper with green, silver, and gold sparkles.

Red with a coppery sheen and noticeable silver sparks. This is a really interesting color.


Artificial lighting. I put these in the wrong order, herp derp.

Overall I found Hello Waffle’s eyeshadows to be very pigmented and mostly true to their site descriptions. Many of them are VERY sparkly (much moreso than these swatches show), so a sticky base is a must to get the most out of them, though for the most part they don’t apply badly over primer alone. My favorites are Snow Bees, Dormouse, Bartok, Locked Doors, Bae, and Pride. Pride in particular is a gorgeous purple, and one I will definitely be picking up a full-size jar of in the future.

Hello Waffle is closed right now, but should re-open sometime in mid to late August.

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  1. These look great! I’m looking at buying the blogger pack too. Do you have a recommendation for a sticky base to use with them? I’ve only got Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, which is a great primer but isn’t that sticky.

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