free fridays: s’mores cookies!


I’ve decided to start doing a thing I’m calling “Free Fridays,” where I post about stuff other than makeup or perfume. Because I love makeup and perfume, but I also like a lot of other things, like food and books and music and tv shows and weight lifting, and sometimes I want to write about those things too, but I don’t really feel like having three different blogs to attend to. So. Here is the inaugural Free Friday!

Let’s kick it off with some cookies.

Last night around 10 pm, I got a bug up my butt to bake some cookies. This isn’t too unusual, actually. I love to bake – it’s kind of a stress-reliever for me – and I was having a very nerve-wracking, high highs and low lows kind of day. So, cookies. I also happened to have a couple bags of Dandies in my pantry, and some graham crackers that needed to be used up… clearly, the answer was s’mores cookies.

Guys? These are amazing. They have the perfect cookie texture – chewy and soft on the inside, slightly crisp around the edges – with pockets of uber-sweet gooey marshmallow and chocolate chips. The graham crackers mostly got crushed up into the batter, but the flavor comes through, and since I couldn’t find vegan cinnamon graham crackers (I think they exist, but I couldn’t find them last time I went shopping for graham crackers), I added some cinnamon for a tiny bit of spice.

Very slightly adapted from this recipe (I pretty much just added cinnamon), and lovingly illustrated by moi.

PrintAnd here’s one of said cookies in action, being delicious as hell:


My lunchtime cookie strikes a pose.

Happy Friday, everyone! Go make cookies.

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