dreamworld hermetica hocus pocus, semi-loose, and misc swatches


hocuspocus_jars2Part 2 of my Dreamworld Hermetica order! AKA everything that wasn’t Firefly. I have a few from the Hocus Pocus collection, a few semi-loose shadows, and a mix of randoms from other collections.

First up: Hocus Pocus.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy. Indirect natural light.

Angry Zombie: A mixure of copper, bronze and tan that has created a beautiful deep bronze color.

A beautiful light bronzey copper.

Black Flamed Candle: Purplish brown with yellow undertones. Slight shimmer.

SHUT UP this color is amazing. On my skin, it’s a really interesting light bronzey brown with slight purple undertones. It’s got a pretty, dusty kind of look to it. Every swatch I’ve seen of it looks different, so it seems to be a bit of a shifter. In any case, it’s gorgeous, and the whole reason Dreamworld Hermetica came onto my radar to start with.

1963: Deep purplish brown in color.

A muted medium reddish purple.

Bloody Witch: A deep brownish black with shifting reddish undertones.

An olivey brown base with tons of red shimmer. Viewed straight on, it looks like a dark reddish brown. On an angle, it looks like a brownish green!


Check out the shift on Bloody Witch!

Next up, a mix of shades from different collections.

rusalka_jars1Excuse the weird lighting, the sun decided to blast relentlessly through the window for the entire duration of photographing these jars.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy. Indirect natural light.

Rusalka: Deep neutral purple.

A medium purple with sort of a grey-brown tone. More of a satin finish. (Creatures of Darkness collection.)

Ahultzotl: A deep burnished gold color.

A bright green gold with a satiny finish. Very lush. (Creatures of Darkness collection.)

Feralia: Warm neutral slight shimmer.

A vanilla cream sort of color, not super pale. Satiny finish. This was included as an extra, and it shows Ellie’s attention to detail because it’s absolutely a shade I would’ve picked out for myself. (Ancient Tradition collection.)

Deadlocked: Deep burgundy brown metallic with satin finish and slight shimmer!

A metallic medium coppery pink. (Sookie Stackhouse collection.)

Keys to the Repository: Deep bronze with slight shimmers.

A metallic copper, less orange than Miranda. (Blue Blood collection.)


And finally a few semi-loose shadows!

semiloose_jars1I don’t have a ton of experience with semi-loose shadows, but I really enjoyed these. They go on really pigmented and metallic even over bare skin.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy. Indirect natural light.

Sonnet: Soft pink that shifts to green and back again! 

A very pale pink with a green shift. I love these kinds of “neutral with a twist” shades. (Medieval collection.)

Leanan Sidhe:  Deep purple with brownish undertones.

A smooth medium/dark reddish brown. (Medieval collection.)

Inner Glow: No website description given.

A light peachy base with a strong pinky red shift. The shift reminds me of Crimson Ghost from Fyrinnae. This was another extra, and another one that I had considered getting to start with. (For the Love of Eros collection.)

Blazing Hearts: No website description given.

A beautiful metallic pinky copper. (For the Love of Eros collection.)


There you have it! I really like all of these, but my favorites are all from the Hocus Pocus collection – Angry Zombie, Black Flamed Candle, and Bloody Witch, with Black Flamed Candle easily taking the top prize. I did a look the other day (no pictures, because the rest of my face was a sweaty mess) with No More Running, Black Flamed Candle, Bloody Witch, and Feralia, and the shadows wore like a champ all day long (over primer + PE of course).

At this time Dreamworld Hermetica‘s eyeshadows are not up on the website, but they should be back soon! And I will be placing another order once they are, because I’m really impressed with the quality and the range of shades. It’s pretty much a neutral-lovers dream. My one and only complaint is that the website swatches aren’t great – I relied a lot on googling for swatches when I placed my order. But I couldn’t be happier with the actual products or the customer service.

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