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bd_together1Blooddrop’s new summer collection, “Together: Women & Horses” is based around vintage photos of, well, women and their horses! Each scent has a photo to go with it, which is featured on the label of the corresponding full-size perfume. The little stories spun to accompany the photos are charming, and worth a read.

When this collection was released, my little apple-loving head just about spun around and exploded. So many perfumes with apple notes! I got in on a decant circle, and I’m glad I did – many of the scents I would’ve blind-bought just from the notes alone turned out to be ones I’m pretty meh on, and a few that I wasn’t sure about turned out to be winners. Perfume is unpredictable that way, even if you’ve been sniffing and testing and collecting for years. Bless you, decanters!

As always, my reviews were done as blindly as possible (considering that the notes are written on the decant labels), with descriptions added after the fact.

A Venerable Pair: Orchard peach, warm ginger, chamomile, and white tea.

In the imp it’s sweet, fresh, and fruity. It’s doesn’t change much on skin – it’s all peachy sweetness (but not peach pie sweet or anything) with something almost a little floral floating underneath. That floral-ness gets a lot stronger as it wears, and after a while I get some kind of tea note. It smells like really floral jasmine tea or something. I usually like tea scents (specifically black tea), but this one’s not doing it for me. Overall it goes much more floral than I expected, especially looking back at the notes. Alas, not for me.

Fabulous Golden: Iced tea, juicy pineapple, and sweet passion fruit.

In the imp it smells like some kind of sweet tropical drink. Pineapple for sure. On skin pineapple is the strongest note, juicy and sugary, not tart at all. I can’t tell what else is in here, honestly, but it’s all very, very sweet – verging on cloyingly so. I actually wish that the pineapple were a bit more fresh and tart, because I feel like it might help balance the rest of it out. And again, after a while I get something almost the slightest bit floral.

Looking at the notes now, I assume it’s the iced tea that I’m not loving. It’s like iced tea with a million pounds of sugar. Southern sweet tea. Not sure where the floral thing is coming from – the pineapple? Passionfruit? I usually like passionfruit. In any case, I’m not loving this one either.

Flagstaff Fillies 1: Bubblegum, raspberry sun tea, macintosh apples, bright lemon zest.

In the imp: bubblegum! On skin it’s, yep, bubblegum. I know there are other things in here, but all I smell is bubblegum. It actually smells exactly like this Teaberry gum that I used to love as a kid. Exactly. It’s uncanny. And I love it for that, but I don’t know that I want to go around smelling like Teaberry gum. I will certainly keep my decant, but I don’t think I’ll need a bottle.

Looking at the notes now: WHY DOES THIS SMELL LIKE TEABERRY GUM??

Flagstaff Fillies 2: Granny Smith apples, bamboo, Murcott tangerine, green banana, ginger, vanilla, and white tea.

In the imp it smells a bit like unripe bananas. It’s banana, but green and almost slightly floral. On skin I get a little ginger to go along with the unripe banana. After a few minutes I get something similar to the floral tea note from A Venerable Pair, but it’s not as strong, and the rest of the scent is fruitier. The whole scent is very mild, though. Even with my nose right above my wrist it’s kind of hard to make much of it.

In Good Hands: Hazelnut cake, marzipan, honey, and buttercream.

In the imp: YUM. Very sweet and cakey. it smells like amaretto and frangelico. On skin it’s smoother, without that intense liquor-y sharpness I smelled in the imp. It’s sweet and nutty and buttery. No complaints here. I’ll definitely be adding a bottle of this to my collection.

Never Come Between a Woman and Her Horse: An oh so romantic ladies perfume of rose bouquet, vanilla, sandalwood, and carrot seed.

In the imp I get rose, sharp and green. On skin rose is still the dominant note, slightly perfumey, with thorny green bits underneath. As it wears it goes a bit powdery, though there’s still a freshness to it.

Looking at notes, I think when I got this I assumed it would be sweeter from the vanilla, but it’s not really sweet at all. The powderiness is almost certainly the sandalwood. In general I don’t mind this one, but I do prefer my rose scents sweeter.

Our Sunday Morning Rides: French toast with powdered sugar, and coffee brewing in the background.

In the imp: delicious coffee. Very sweet, with kind of a caramelized toastiness to it. On skin the coffee isn’t as strong – I get more of that yummy cake/bread scent. It’s sweet and caramelized and actually reminds me a bit of Les Madeleines – I even think I smell a bit of sweet orange, though I may be hallucinating that. The coffee is faint in the background, but I’m happy about that since I rarely like strongly coffee scents.

This smells like a really delicious breakfast. It also smells a lot like Froot Loops, which I will not even endeavor to explain because looking at the notes, that makes no sense whatsoever. But. It does. And I like it a lot. It also has the best sillage and throw of the bunch. This one’s bottle-worthy.

Overalls in the Orchard: Various apples, fresh green notes and a touch of bright lemon.

In the imp: crisp, green, and a little zesty. On skin it’s definitely apples, but not overly sweet apples. Green is the keyword here – kind of a watery Granny Smith green. The apple, alas, is quickly overtaken by a kind of generic “green citrus” note on my skin – it’s pleasant enough, clean and Springy but nothing too interesting. I can still smell a bit of crisp apple around the edges, but it’s not the star of the show on me.

I had high hopes for this one – I almost ordered a bottle un-sniffed – but I’m starting to think that Blooddrop’s apple notes don’t like my skin. THE HORROR. They don’t go bad or anything, but they just seem weak. This scent is very faint in general, and didn’t last long on me.

The Old Horse Has Gone to Sleep: Soft blue-eyed musk, brown sugar, lavender, meadow grass, and a wee piece of bubblegum.

In the bottle: bubblegum again, but not just bubblegum this time – it’s soft and sweet and almost a little spicy. On skin the bubblegum is at the fore, with a sweet, musky base underneath. It’s not the intense bubblegum of Flagstaff Fillies 1, though – it’s tempered with other things here. I couldn’t tell you what, honestly, but it’s just got more dimension to it. It doesn’t just smell like gum. It’s got a more earthy sweetness to it. After it wears for a while the bubblegum is less prominent, and that musky sweetness takes over. It’s very warm and soft.

Looking at the notes now, I guess what I’m getting is the brown sugar and lavender. I’m surprised that I get so much bubblegum, considering that it’s pulling up the rear in the description.

I didn’t intend to get a bottle of this, but the decant didn’t get enough interest and was going to be cut, so I ended up sponsoring the bottle. It’s about 2/3 full. I’m happy that it worked out that way, because it’s quite nice. It’s very unique to my collection, too – I don’t have a single other thing that smells like this.

Together: Meadow grass, pear, honey, and a blend of citrus.

In the imp: soft, grassy, lightly fruity. On skin it smells a bit like honey cough drops at first – not in a bad way! It’s like translucent honey candy with a bit of an herbal edge. A fresh, fruity sweetness comes out after a minute or so, along with a hint of citrus. This one is really nice, though it’s a bit faint on my skin. If it were stronger it’d be a bottle purchase for sure.

Scents I’ll definitely get bottles of: In Good Hands, Our Sunday Morning Rides.

Scents I’ll consider: Together (only in this category due to its faintness).

As for the rest – I’ll keep my decants of Flagstaff Fillies 1, Never Come Between a Woman and Her Horse, and Together (for now, until I decide its fate), but the rest will likely find new homes. I have a tendency to want to hoard samples and decants even if I don’t like the scent, or worse, even if I have a whole bottle, which is really pointless and a habit I’m trying to get out of. I’d like to only keep around samples of those scents that fall into the “I like it, but maybe not enough for a bottle” category.

Everything in this post is currently available from Blooddrop.

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  1. Katey

    I was really interested in this release! I thought seriously about getting in a decant circle but I haven’t been able to wear perfume much lately because my mom can’t stand it. :( I’m glad to be able to live vicariously through your reviews!

    • That’s a shame! I’m fortunate that my perfume habit doesn’t bother my fiance. I thought I’d love every scent here, but surprisingly I only really like a few! So I’m very glad I got into a circle, otherwise I’d be stuck with a whole lot of perfume I’d never use.

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