a few dc reviews + a wild solidzilla


Cloudswing (oil and solid), Kendraberry, Love & Sharks, and a massive mega-solid of Limerence

One of these things is not like the other…

Your eyes do not deceive you – that tin of Limerence is enormous. When the shop re-opened, I ordered three solid perfumes: Limerence, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Hellbender. When my order arrived, I thought the package felt heavier than it should… and when I opened it up, I found that all three solids were giant-sized – twice the size of the (already larger than average) normal solids, to be exact. I believe they’re in the tins Evonne is using for the Field Shark bug repellent balm. There was a note in my order saying that her shipment of regular tins was delayed, so my solids were super-sized!

To be honest I feel a bit bad, because I ended up with 2x the amount of product I paid for, and I really wouldn’t have minded waiting a few more days for the regular tins to come in. That said, obviously it’s pretty cool to have these comically large solids – in addition to the massive amount of product, there’s totally a novelty factor to them. Here’s a gif with Cloudswing for comparison:


Huge! No worries about slathering these babies on. I feel like I could use them as body lotions and they would still last for ages.

Anyway, onto the reviews. As always, they were done as blindly as possible, with notes and descriptions added after the fact.

Cloudswing: A bright, crisp, golden-green scent with notes of warm hay and vanilla and mowed clover and marigolds and lemongrass.

In the bottle, it’s lemongrass, intense and sweet. On skin lemongrass is the dominant note, but it’s joined by sweet vanilla and something a little grassy and green. That latter note amps up a bit more as it dries. I love lemongrass scents, and this is a really lovely one – bright and sweet and fresh, it smells like rolling down a wild, unmown green hill on a hot summer day feels.

Looking at the notes, I’m thinking the “grassy and green” thing is the marigolds, perhaps in combination with the hay.

Kendraberry: A bright, effervescent honeysuckle spritzer, tempered with fresh fruits and juniper and green tea and amber and ozone.

In the tin this smells floral, but also almost musty, like dead flowers? On skin it’s much sweeter and fresher (thank goodness), floral but not heady and a little fruity as well. There’s something at the base of this that I don’t completely love – it’s a bit of that thick, musty green note I get from the cold sniff – but overall I enjoy this much more than I expected.

However, it does seem pretty faint in the throw department in comparison to most other DC scents – perhaps the oil is better for that? I’ll probably grab a bitsy at some point (because I have The Problems) to compare. You know. For Science. I’ve found most of DC’s solids quite potent (with the exception of Tilt-a-Whirl), so this is a bit of an outlier.

Love & Sharks: It’s rich and deep and salty, splashed with apricot and true black cherry and rum and clove and a fantastically fine vanilla oleoresin from Madagascar.

In the tin it’s sweet, salty, and a little peppery. I would eat a snack that smelled like this. On skin I get pepper and spice right away (clove?), with just a touch of sweetness to keep it from being overwhelmingly savory. This one is interesting. I’m not usually a huge fan of pepper-heavy scents, and I do prefer sweeter scents, but inexplicably I kind of dig this. It’s salty and spicy and weird.

I layered a little Hellbender solid over this and I like the combination a lot! I believe I’ve heard tell of a Sharkbender solid appearing before, and I can see why. It lends some much-needed sweetness to the salty, spicy Love & Sharks. (It’s still kinda weird, though.) I may get a FrankenBitsy of this mix, if L&S can be bitsied. Also I will soon own a L&S solid with my very own shark drawing on the label, so this one will be swimming off to a new home at some point.

Limerence: Limerence is a rich floral – not a grandmotherly floral, but a moody blend of bruised Casablanca lilies, bittersweet succulents, full-bodied herbal essentials, a heady crust of sea salt, and a wonderfully fine mitti attar that’s the essence of first rain hitting sun-baked earth. 

In the tin this is intensely floral, heavy on the green parts. It smells damp and almost moldering (DC’s floral notes always seem to smell that way to me on cold sniff). On skin it smells like walking into a flower shop or a greenhouse on a warm day – floral, yes, but not just floral. There’s a wet freshness to it, a humidity, a heavy dose of green leaves and stems – it makes me think of aloe plants, thick and heavy and oozing if you break a leaf.

It’s just barely on the right side of “too floral” for me – a touch less green and I would hate this. But as it is, I have to say I think I like it. It’s not really “my kind of scent,” and I don’t know that it’s one I’ll actually wear very often (which makes the ginormous tin even more hilarious), but it’s so evocative and interesting that I can’t help but appreciate it.

I layered a bit of Cloudswing with this and the combination is beautiful. This is another mix to add to my FrankenBitsy wish list.

That’s it for today – my pile of DC scents “to review” is getting smaller! Slowly but surely. If you want to grab any of these for yourself, head over to Darling Clandestine and see what’s in the shop!

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