victorian disco clow blush swatches


Alteration looks less pink in real life.

Since I am a bonafide blush whore, when I placed my order during Victorian Disco’s new website/re-opening sale, I had to try out their new Clow Blushes. (I have no idea what that means or is referencing, btw. Not a single damn clue, and since I doubt it’s “an outfall sluice for water from a tidal river after it has deposited its sediment on flooded land,” it’s safe to say that Google was no help.) I got a mini jar of Alteration, which seemed like the shade most up my alley, and samples of the other two coral/orange shades, and The Flower because… I don’t know why? It’s not a shade I’m usually drawn to. I actually thought it was a free sample until I checked my invoice. I guess I just wanted the other (non-purple) matte one.


AlterationMatte reddened coral.

A darkish apricot color, matte finish. I don’t like this quite as much as I expected to. I wish it was a tiny bit brighter or pinker or more vibrant somehow. Something. It just looks a bit dull to me. Nitpicky personal preference aside, though, it is a pretty color, and definitely wearable.

Dragon FlameBright coral with a slight shimmer, leaning towards orange-coral.

A vibrant light peachy coral with silver shimmer. It’s like a lighter, brighter version of Alteration with added sparkle. Love the base color, don’t love the shimmer. But that’s to be expected. Hopefully it’ll blend away with a lighter application.

The FireyBright orange blush with a slight orange sheen.

WHOA MAMA. Bright, bright orange. Like, traffic cone orange. This blush is not fucking around. It looks matte to me, despite the description mentioning an orange sheen. Quite frankly I find this blush a little terrifying, but orange lovers, this one’s for you.

The FlowerBright matte magenta blush.

A bright, cooler-toned bubblegum pink with a matte finish. Like I said, I’m honestly not sure why I ordered this. I tend to gravitate toward warmer blushes so this is outside of my comfort zone. I don’t necessarily think it looks bad on my skin, though, so I’ll give it a chance.


Natural light on the left, indoor light on the right. Enlarge to see some of the sparkle in Dragon Flame.

The texture of these is not as soft or finely milled as some other indie blushes I’ve tried. They almost feel a bit chalky? Especially The Flower. But they do blend well. I’m not super in love with any of these colors, though. Dragon Flame would be my favorite if not for the shimmer. Alteration is wearable and will get used, but is a bit darker than I expected. The Firey is super pigmented and awesome but realistically I don’t think I’ll use it. The Flower is the wildcard here – it’s not in my usual blush wheelhouse of coral/peach/red, but I’m interested to see how it works.

Victorian Disco’s Clow blushes are currently available on their website.

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  1. Thanks for the review! These blushes are actually referencing an old manga/anime called Cardcaptor Sakura. It’s a bit similar to Sailor Moon (but better in my opinion). I would totally buy this collection for the reference if not for the fact I already own way too many blushes!

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