recent blooddrop haul & review


Wee adorable sample bottles.

Blooddrop things! I placed an order recently, and it all came wrapped up in this pretty printed tissue paper. A small thing, but it made me happy. I got several bottles and a few samples, and even though it feels totally wrong I’m going to start this review with the samples first. Why? I don’t know! I’m feeling rebellious! Fight the power!

… Anyway. As always, reviews were done as blindly as possible, with descriptions added after the fact.

At the Diner After Rocky: Blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup and maple syrup.

Thick blueberry syrup and pancakes. Yum. On skin I get a little less blueberry and a little more pancakes, buttery and golden, but it doesn’t change much. The blueberry syrup is still very present, though, and gets stronger again as it dries. It smells like blueberry pancakes. Either you want to smell like blueberry pancakes or you don’t. If you do, you’ll love this. And I do, so I love this.

This scent is in the same category as OHWTO’s Victuals and Solstice Scents’ Blueberry Muffin Batter, and reminds me quite a bit of both. I’ll do a comparison post soon, actually.

Les Madeleines: Little vanilla cakes infused with orange blossom water.

Delicate golden orange cakes. On skin I lose a little of that golden element, but it’s still delicate little orange cakes. Dainty and sweet but very mild as far as foodie scents go. The orange gets slightly stronger as it wears, and that golden note comes back – it’s like the caramelized bits on the bottom of a vanilla cupcake. Very nice. I really like this one. It’s probably my favorite of the samples, and I will be needing a bottle.

Josephine: Bananas, French vanilla (mais oui!), giant yellow sunflowers and exotic spice.

Banana, slightly floral. On skin it starts out strongly banana and then the slight floral element comes out, along with some vanilla. It’s interesting. The floral isn’t heady or strong, but it cuts the fruity sweetness of the banana – it makes it smell more like a green banana, not quite ripe. Unfortunately (for me, the floral hater) the floral note intensifies as it dries. It’s not bad, actually – I still kind of like it – but I do wish the banana stayed stronger. However I will give this one points for being the first banana scent I’ve tried that doesn’t smell like either banana Runts or super sweet banana bread. It’s fairly unique in that sense.


Bottles, you’re up!

Epona: Goddess and protector of horses. Carrot, apple, forest oak, wild winds, unbridled musk, pomegranate, molasses and grains. (From the 2012 Autumn/Halloween release, no longer available.)

In the bottle, Epona smells like carrots and musk and a hint of apple sweetness. On skin it’s the same – crisp and and musky and just a little sweet. It smells very outdoorsy, reminding me oddly, but not unpleasantly, of sweat on skin after a long hike. There’s something a bit rugged and wild about it. The beginning is rather sharp, but it does soften slightly as it wears. After a little while I start to get more of a woody note at the base of it, and the subtle fruitiness (apple and something else… ) gets more prominent. It sweetens up a bit as well, dark and just a little spicy, like molasses.

I really like this. I snagged a partial bottle in a blog sale, just on a whim because the description sounded great, and just mentioned it in passing when I emailed Astrid about possibly obtaining more of Charming, the mystery scent I got as an extra in a decant circle last month. In addition to being nice enough to sell me a bottle of that delightful mystery scent, she offered to check and see if she had any Epona left for me – and she found two bottles leftover, hidden away in her stock! Would I like one? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. I thought that was super super sweet of her, and I’m just thrilled to have gotten my hands on a proper bottle of this beauty.

Merci 85: It’s a mystery!

Mercis are one-off blends, with no proper names or note listings, that are included with orders over a certain amount ($50, I think?) I think it’s both a very generous gesture (since I still got another free sample – Josephine) and a really fun idea.

In the bottle, this smells exactly like Fruit Stripe gum. Sweet and fruity and bubblegum-y. On skin it’s the same. It’s Fruit Stripe gum, you guys. If I had to try to identify any particular notes, I’d guess bubblegum (duh), sweet orange, raspberry… that’s as far as I can get. After a few minutes it starts to go a bit like baby aspirin on me, which usually indicates the presence of some combination of orange, raspberry, and lime. You know what I mean – that slightly chalky orange tang that every children’s chewable aspirin and vitamin has, regardless of its purported flavor. Thankfully this doesn’t go full baby aspirin – just a smidge – and it mostly dissipates pretty quickly. After a while the bubblegummy-ness has faded somewhat and I think I smell pineapple? Or I’m hallucinating. What is pineapple? What is life? Where are my false teeth?

In any case, I actually do really like this, which is a nice surprise since it could’ve been literally anything. It could’ve been nothing but jasmine. Or smoke. Or rancid patchouli. Or some horrific combination of all three, designed specifically to make me wretch and be sad. And it still could be! (But it’s probably not.) It’s very possible that I’m completely off-base about what’s in it and what it’s supposed to smell like. (I probably am.) I really have no idea. I bet Astrid reads people’s guesses about these Merci blends and just laughs and laughs to herself. I would.

The other two scents I got bottles of, Charming and Walpurga’s Night, were previously reviewed here. I really like both, but Charming was the real stand-out. As far as I’m aware, Charming has not been released and may never be (Astrid said she wasn’t sure), but if you think you’d like a bottle for yourself, you can always shoot her an email and ask!

Everything else (except for Epona, sorry bronies) is currently available from Blooddrop.

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