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nightskySometime last month, I picked up a trio of decants from Possets’ spring collection, The Night Sky. I’ve had very little experience with Possets – I have a small handful of swapped or frimped samples in one of my boxes, but I don’t think I’ve even sniffed most of them. The only one I recall reviewing is Reason, which I didn’t care for, and the only one I have that I know I like is Washington State, because apples.

Reviews were done blind (or as blind as possible, considering that the notes are on the decant labels) and descriptions are added after the fact.

Arcturus: It’s a beautiful dark foodie blend which is a true hybrid between the wearable vanillas and those which you just wish to put your tongue on. Madagascar, two Mexican vanilla, and a dry and almost earthy Tahitian vanilla blend together to make a superb concoction for seduction.

In the vial: sweet vanilla musk. On skin I’m still getting mostly a musky vanilla, but it’s a bit deeper and smoother. It’s not quite a super sweet bakery vanilla – it’s darker than that, but not to the point of being what I’d call a “dark vanilla” either. It’s a nice blend, if not spectacularly interesting since it’s all vanilla. I’m at the point in my perfume-sniffing life where although I love vanilla IN things, scents that are just vanilla vanilla vanilla don’t usually excite me very much. The longer this wore, the more it started to remind me of Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body works or something. Nice enough, but a bit generic. Stellar lasting power, though – I’ll give it that.

Vega: A bright yellow golden musk combined with a light sugary accord, golden hawthorne, lush pink citrus paradisii and a small amount of bukhoor (Arabian incense).

In the vial: some sort of very sweet citrus, like grapefruit covered in piles of sugar, over a lighter musky base. On skin it’s the same – sweet grapefruit, sugar, and musk. After a few minutes just a tiny bit of something woody or incense-y starts to come out – not strong, it’s actually very subtle, but it serves to tone down the sugary sweetness a touch. This one is really nice. I don’t usually like grapefruit notes – they tend to be either too “fizzy” or too abrasive and cleaner-y – but this one is neither of those things. I quite like it. I’ll have to test it out a few more times, but I wouldn’t hate having a bottle of this around. My only complaint is that unlike Cygnus and especially Arcturus, which is extremely strong and barely lessened even after washing it off, this faded pretty quickly.

Cygnus the Swan: Cygnus (the Swan) is a very very very very sexy blend of the scent of real vanilla, rose, golden musk, sugar concentrate (do not eat this), an accord which smells a lot like fondant, and a pink musk which I have not used before.

In the vial: SWEET. Sweet sweet sweet x infinity. Vanilla and sugar and something creamy and frosting-like. There’s something else underneath, something… pink? Weird. But on cold sniff this is mostly just an explosion of sweetness. On skin it’s still very, very sweet, but that pink note (do you ever smell colors?) is stronger. It’s fruity or floral, I can’t quite tell. Something lighter than the vanilla layer cake it’s mixed into. As it wear it gets stronger and stronger, which is problematic since I don’t really like it. It smells almost alcoholic, like rosé wine. This perfume is like cake and wine. Strong wine. It’s got an almost sour tang to it. I’m not a fan.

When I asked The Dude to sniff this he said, “that smells like Dimetapp. That’s straight cough syrup.” I can see it.

No huge hits for me here – I like Vega, but I’m not 100% sold on it, Arcturus doesn’t do anything for me, and Cygnus turned into something downright unpleasant. I’m glad I tried them out, though, because I’ve been curious about Possets as a brand. I’ll have to pull out the rest of what I have and give them a try soon.

All currently available from Possets.

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