fyrinnae shadow + blush swatches


Mini jars! My favorite size. Also fyrinnae’s fancy shiny wrapping material always makes me happy.

Fyrinnae! I don’t believe I’ve featured Fyrinnae on my blog before, have I? Which is a clear oversight, because I’m a big fan, and Fyrinnae was one of my first – possibly THE first, actually – indie makeup companies. It’s been a while since I’ve placed an order, but recently they released some new shades that appealed to me, so I picked those up along with a few other things I’ve been wanting for a while.

Which – can I say how much I appreciate the Fyrinnae doesn’t do limited edition collections? When they release new collections, everything gets folded into their regular lineup. Occasionally colors do get discontinued, but for the most part things don’t just come and go. I love that so much because I absolutely cannot stand the mad rush to buy LE things. I don’t want to have to spend an entire Sunday hovering over my laptop or my phone, frantically hitting refresh and planning my order down to the last sample so that I can checkout within 30 seconds and maybe, possibly, hopefully get everything I want.

Anyway. In addition to the stuff pictured here, I also got a handful of mini lip lustres, which I’ll review on their own soon.


Swatched over primer + pixie epoxy (naturally). Excuse my gross bruise thing.

These four make a great neutral quad (though I’d replace Titania’s Bottom with something more beigey-pink if I were designing my perfect quad).

Sled Puppies: Gleaming, shimmery transparent white gold graced with a touch of light blue sparkle.

Very true to the description. A shimmery white gold with blue sparks.

Titania’s Bottom: Rich metallic gold filled with fine light red shimmer at a distance, but closer to light it turns a very green-gold.

A slightly coppery gold with a bit of an olivey shift. Just a touch around the edges.

Bawdy Librarian: This is no basic brown! This, my good guys and dolls, is a lush, shimmery, golden brown rich with gold sparkle.

A gorgeous, shimmery medium warm brown with some distinct green, gold, and red sparks. So pretty. I love this one. Also, the name. Makes me want to read some (more) questionably tasteful Giles fanfic. (JK! I haven’t read naughty Giles fanfic in years.)

Automatic Toaster: Deep neutral brown, nearly matte with just the slightest satiny finish. Deep neutral brown, nearly matte with just the slightest satiny finish.

Does what it says on the tin. A really nice, nearly-matte darkish brown.


Swatched over primper + pixie epoxy, except for the blush, which is over primer alone.

Debonaire: Warm, shimmery lilac graced with a glowing coppery highlight.

YES MAMA. This is gorgeous. A warm light purple with strong reddish-coppery shimmer. Love. If you like purples, you need this.

Peppermint Vodka: Lush, rich, shimmering burgundy enhanced with copper sparkle.

Shimmery burgundy with coppery gold sparks. This one’s got a metallic sort of finish. Very pretty.

Kraken: Deep teal with a slightly smoky blue cast filled with shimmer and small sparkle which is bronze-gold from a distance, then appears lime green to blue the closer it gets to light or at certain angles.

My free sample! This is a weird one. The base seems matte, with copper and gold sparkles. From the description I expected it to have a more shimmery finish, like the other Arcane Magics I have. The matte + sparkle thing is a bit strange to me. Pretty color, though.

Nordic Angel blush: Vibrant pinky-peach blush with a hint of shimmer.

A pretty pinky-peach with a bit of gold and red shimmer. A bit more shimmer than I prefer myself in a heavy swatch, but when blended out it’s more of a slightly sheen-y satin finish. Really pretty.



Everything here is available from Fyrinnae. And don’t let the TAT scare you – it’s mostly a CYA thing. In reality they’re much faster than most other indies. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than a week or so for an order. This time around, I placed my order on May 27th, it shipped on June 2nd, and I received it on June 4th.

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