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I’m always on the lookout for indie lip stuff, especially tinted balms of the non-shimmery persuasion. (Shimmery lip stuff just makes me think of those pale, frosty lips that were popular in the 90’s. *shudder*) So when I saw these babies go up in the Epically Epic Soap Co shop earlier this year, I didn’t hesitate to try them out. (I’ve had Red Velvet Cake much longer than that, but I figured I’d include it here as well.) There’s a sale going at Epically Epic at the moment, so it seemed like as good a time as any to bust these out for a review.


They’re sheer – especially the natural lip tints. I have fairly pigmented lips, so most of these barely make a difference on me. Epically Epic’s lip balms have a very smooth, thin, glossy texture. They’re not thick or waxy at all. I don’t find them particularly moisturizing as far as balms go, but they don’t dry out my perpetually-chapped lips either.


Awkward face swatch selfie time!

Graciela: This is a youthful pinkish-purple (mauve) tint made with alkanet root and dried beet root. Naturally flavored with passionfruit.

A very subtle MLBB shade.

Clio: This is a sophisticated neutral tint made with madder root and cocoa powder. Naturally flavored with apricot.

This makes my lips microscopically less pink but otherwise may as well be clear.

Indira: This is a pretty, bright tangerine orange tint made with paprika and alkanet root powder. Naturally flavored with cardamom and orange.

Tangerine orange is right. Most orange lip stuff leans toward orange-red or coral, but not this one. However it’s also extremely sheer, so it’s not going to be hard to wear unless your lips are paper white. It just makes my lips look slightly more peachy.


Carmen: This is a rich reddish-orange tint made with an infusion of alkanet root and paprika. Naturally flavored with raspberry.

A very sheer terracotta color. I’m meh on this one. I was hoping for something brighter.

Odile: This is a gorgeous deep red-violet tint made with an infusion of alkanet root. Naturally flavored with red apple and blackberry. 

My favorite of the natural lip tints, Odile is a sheer red with just a hint of plum. It’s clearly the darkest and most pigmented of the bunch, which is why it’s my favorite.

Red Velvet Cake: An irresistibly delicious lip tint that tastes just like red velvet cake ~ dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, and just a hint of raspberry. It’s tinted with a sheer and easy to wear straight red-red.

My other favorite. It’s a nice sheer, casual red. I will never hate a red. This is a fact. This is very similar to Odile – slightly more pigmented and more of a true red, without that little bit of plum, but on the lips there’s not much difference. I don’t think you’d need both.

Overall, I’m not super into the natural lip tints, but that’s only because they’re so sheer. The texture is nice and I love love love seeing more non-shimmery tinted balms appearing in indie shops – I just prefer my lip products to be a bit bolder. If you like a very subtle tint or have less pigmented lips, you might love these! And I’d recommend Red Velvet Cake without reservation, because it is slightly more pigmented. Also it smells like cake. Yum.

Everything here is available from Epically Epic Soap Co, where you can get 15% off your order through July 3rd with the promo code “MOMTIME2.”

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