shiro sale haul shadow swatches


anniversaryhaul_jarsLate last month, Shiro Cosmetics turned 4 – and had an anniversary sale to celebrate. The May Color of the Month – a bright pink dedicated to Mythbusters’ Jamie Hyneman and his magnificent walrusy ‘stache – was released a few days early to coincide with the sale, and since I couldn’t pass up Plausible Walrus, I figured I might as well grab a few other things as well. Sales are a dangerous thing that way. I actually showed fairy decent restraint, picking up the CotM, samples of two Shiro shadows and six Detrivore shadows, the three Miyazaki lip tints I didn’t already have, and samples of three lip glosses. Not too bad! The Fourth Be With You was included with every order over $15 – otherwise I wouldn’t have it, because let’s be real, I will never wear bright lime green ever in my life. But, free. So.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Perfect World: Pure, soft metallic gold.

A gorgeous, metallic neutral gold. I ordered a sample of this and got a double as one of my freebies. I am okay with this because it’s beautiful. (There’s only one sample in the jar up there. I saved the other one in case I didn’t like it enough to need two.)

Cake: Pale cream with soft coppery highlight and red cherry sparks.

White with a coppery pink sheen and bright pink sparks. This is really pretty.

You Know Nothing: Cold wintery grey-white with bright icy shimmer.

An icy blue with a satiny finish. Brighter teal sparks. This one was my other freebie. It’s pretty, but not something I’d order for myself.

Plausible Walrus: Bright poppy-pink with a violet shift.

May CotM. An intense coral pink with a purple sheen. I will probably never actually wear this, but I bought it for Jamie. A lot of people got this as a lip gloss instead, which I can see working well if you’re not as staunchly sparkle-averse as I am when it comes to lip products.

The Fourth Be With You: Vivid, strangely metallic limey lightsaber green.

Shiro’s 4th anniversary color! A bright acid yellow-green with more of a satiny finish. If I will probably never wear Plausible Walrus, I will definitely for sure never wear The Fourth Be With You. I am a neutrals girl. 50 Shades of Beige. This color straight-up scares me.


The colors here are very true to life.

That’s it for my Shiro shadows from this haul – stay tuned for swatches of the lip stuff and Detrivore shadows later this week. In the meantime, everything here can be purchased from Shiro Cosmetics.

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