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Sample baggies repotted into jars, plus my substitute GWP shadow.

The rest of my Notoriously Morbid order! (Finally.) Sometimes My Arms Bend Back and She’s Full of Secrets were samples I ordered, Young Merlin and Kilgarrah were extra free samples, and Snow Queen’s Return was substituted for the non-vegan GWP shadow that went out with initial Slay Me orders. I had asked in the notes with my order that it not be included, so I actually didn’t expect to get one, but the owner was nice enough to swap it out for me. She also managed to choose two colors I had actually considered buying for my free samples, which is always a nice surprise, and she honored my request to only send vegan samples, which I really appreciated.


Swatches! Like it says, the bottom of each one is over primer alone, and the top is over primer + Pixie Epoxy. These shadows, unlike the mattes, really do benefit from a sticky base. They’re certainly usable without one, but as you can see the difference is quite stark. The swatch photo was taken under indirect natural light and the colors are as close to reality as I could manage. (Excuse my sloppy application of PE – it’s patchy where I missed a few spots. Oops.)

Sometimes My Arms Bend Back: A soft rose copper with a slight blue shift. (Lost in the Lodge collection.)

Over just primer this is a fairly dull medium copper/tan, but over Pixie Epoxy the shimmer is stronger and much prettier. The rosy tone is more visible, but the light has to hit it just right to see the blue shift.

She’s Full of Secrets: A sweet classic pink, but not for long. The cool blue shift overpowers the pink the more you build. (Lost in the Lodge collection.)

Over just primer this is a soft, sheer pinky purple with subtle aqua shimmers that almost read more gold. Over Pixie Epoxy the blue shift is much more prominent, especially in the sun – it looks like a different color entirely.

Young Merlin: A brown that has almost every aspect of magic, I mean, color it can have. It is a dark brown with rainbow sparkles and a blue sheen once applied. (In Camelot collection.)

Over primer this is a warm, sheer brown. Over Pixie Epoxy it looks much more like a dark metallic eggplant purple/brown. In the sun the blue shift is definitely evident.

Kilgarrah: A deep rich brown with gold and green sparkles and a green duochrome. (In Camelot collection.)

Over just primer this is a sheer satin olive drab. Over Pixie Epoxy it’s a rich metallic olive with gold sparks. Either way it reads much more green than brown to me.

Snow Queen’s Return: To be used as a highlighter, this ice white shimmer is packed with blue, purple, and silver sparkles. (Scary Tales collection.)

Over primer this is a sheer white with blue sparks. Over Pixie Epoxy it looks much more like an ice pink, and the blue sparks are more prominent.

nm_misc1_sunBonus swatches under full sun. The pink cast of Snow Queen’s Return is really visible here, as well as the blue shift on Young Merlin.

Overall I felt that the quality of these shadows was very good. Some shades leave a little something to be desired without a sticky base, but that’s common with loose shadow and not something that makes me knock off any points. She’s Full of Secrets and Kilgarrah in particular are beautiful, but in general I find Notoriously Morbid’s color range slightly lacking, especially for my tastes, which run to (boring) light to medium neutrals. Dark, moody colors are much more NM’s wheelhouse, so there aren’t too many vegan shades left in the current catalog that I’m eager to try. I will definitely keep the brand on my radar, though, especially since there are more Buffy shades coming down the pipe.

Available from Notoriously Morbid.

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