first sniff impressions: common brimstone


Two 5 mls in the center + ten adorable sample bottles.

My Common Brimstone order arrived!! I’ll be reviewing all of these in due time, but since I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to them for the rest of the week, I wanted to at least bang out a first sniff impressions post.

These are all cold sniff reviews – no skin tests!

Rose Jam: Sweet, fruity rose. I’m definitely getting berries.

Lady of the Lake: This smells so good.  It’s watery, with crisp apple and something sweet and herbal. I really, really like this and am glad I risked a full bottle.

September Bride: Sweet and lightly spicy. Juicy harvest fruits (peach?) and honey.

Bonfire Night: Sweet, spicy, and smoky. I’m definitely getting some apple. This is a very fall/Halloween-y scent.

Second Breakfast: Herbs and apples, maybe something a little spicy? This one is really nice.

Noir: Whisky and coffee and something kind of fruity? This one was a wildcard pick and it’s really weird and interesting.

Goldilocks: Almond extract. But whatever else is in there makes it soft and sweet and warm instead of sharp.

Honey Badger: Waxy, golden honeycomb and something dark and sweet.

Capua: Holy crap, this smells amazing. I’m getting almond and apple and soft, sweet floral notes.

Mellona: Sweet and citrusy and a little herbal. I like it. When I asked my boyfriend to smell this one, he said “it kind of smells like cola,” and you know what? I can see it. It kind of does, for some reason.

Melody Gloucester Pegasus: Sweet strawberry (but not candy-like, foodie strawberry) and herbs. This one is really interesting.

Avalon: Very floral. First sniff actually made me recoil a little. There’s something a little watery and green in there, and it’s slightly sweet, but mostly it smells floral.

This was my first experience with Common Brimstone, and overall I’m really happy with it! There a few that are immediate bottle candidates (September Bride, Capua, Second Breakfast) and several others that may join them once I try them out on skin.

2 thoughts on “first sniff impressions: common brimstone

    • They are! I’m very happy with them so far – in the bottles at least. I’m excited to start test driving them for real. I’d been curious about them for quite a while but resisted due to shipping from the UK, but when the Earth Day sale happened last month I lost all resolve.

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