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Recently I picked up samples of the three “sugar” scents in Firebird’s line: Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Sugarberry. I figured I’d review them all together since they share a similar theme.

Reviews are done blind, without looking at the scent notes. Descriptions are added after the fact.

Sugar: Ethereal, delicate sweetness – a stray tendril of spun sugar wafting on a cool breeze. Sweet, of course – but not at all cloying or sticky. Rather, it’s watery, light, crisp. Orange blossom, vanilla, berries, a hint of anise- but “Sugar” really describes it best.

Sweet and musky. There’s an airy-ness to it. I pick up a little anise as I sniff at it longer. This reminds me of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. On skin it’s very similar. The muskiness isn’t that deep, animalic kind of musk that you often smell in resiny or manly scents, it’s just more like a soft, warm skin base. It’s similar to the muskiness I get from other Firebird scents like Almond Milk and Saltwater. The anise is there, but it’s not strong – it just provides a bit of a counterpoint to all the sweetness. There is something very airy and crystalline about this, so the name is appropriate.

Brown Sugar: The scent of brown sugar, mellow and sweet, joined by coconut, vanilla and sandalwood. Soft, gentle and comforting.

This smells exactly like sticking your face in a bag of brown sugar. I know it’s called Brown Sugar, but that’s just uncanny. On skin it’s the same, if a bit softer. It’s a very warm scent, and surprisingly not super sweet. If I were to assign it a color it would be a soft brown. If I dig into it I think I smell coconut and sandalwood (which would account for the “soft brown” thing), but mostly I’m sticking with my original assessment. If you want to know what this smells like, huff some brown sugar. It’s freakishly realistic. I like it.

Sugarberry: This is a young, happy, nostalgic summer fragrance invoking memories of fairgrounds and carnival rides- sticky-sweet cotton candy and blue-ribbon blackberry pie, made from berries you gathered yourself in the backyard. Out of all those berries you picked – how many actually made it as far the pie? Your purple-stained lips will never tell…

Sweet/tart berry and maybe a bit of citrus. It’s verging on synthetic in the vial. On skin it’s softer and less tart, but it’s still tiptoeing right up to the line between “berry perfume” and “Blueberry Muffin doll” for me. One sniff, I like it. Sniff again, ehhh. I’m not crazy about this one.

The most interesting from this bunch for me is Brown Sugar, which will definitely be coming home with me at some point. It’s sweet but not cloyingly so and has a really nice warmth to it. I also like Sugar, but it takes second place. Since it reminds me of a major commercial perfume, I don’t feel like it’s quite as unique. Sugarberry certainly doesn’t smell bad, but I have other berry perfumes that work better for me.

These scents are all currently available from Firebird Bath & Body.

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