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I swapped for a few Firebird samples recently – I’ve been wanting to try Pomegranate Rose and Saltwater for a while, and Viking didn’t really appeal to me, but since I was swapping anyway I figured sure, why not? Let’s see how they fared.

Pomegranate Rose: Comme des Garcons makes a perfume that I adore, called “Rose” (in their Red Series) that is a blend of red rose and raspberry. It sounds simple, but the combination is genius. The berries soften the sharp edges of the rose; the rose cuts the sweetness of the berries. This is my take on that concept, blending pomegranate, red berries, and rose petals- with a little lemon zest thrown in to freshen things up. The result is a nice balance between sweet, tart, fruity, and floral.

In the imp, I mostly smell berries – sweet, not tart, but not bakery sweet or cloying at all. There’s a bit of smooth rose softening the edges. On skin the fruit is still the most prevalent, but it’s softer, and after a few minutes it’s equal parts pomegranate/berries and rose. The rose is nice – it’s fresh, without that musty funeral parlor/grandma’s house thing that roses can sometimes be prone to. The rose gets stronger as it dries, though, and without the fruit to balance it out it does become a bit perfumey. And then it started to give me a headache. Boo. The lemon zest remained elusive throughout.

I ordered a full-size bottle of this, partly because I loved this in the imp and partly because it’s being discontinued. If I’d waited until I tried it on, would I have still bought a bottle? Probably. I have impulse control issues, and I do like it. I just wish the berries stayed stronger. I’ll have to try it a few more times to see if the headache trend continues, though.

Saltwater: This one is more conceptual. Which is not to say it doesn’t smell like it’s name. There is something unmistakably oceanic about it- a watery, ozonic quality and a touch of something salty and almost a little spicy, that brings to mind sand and driftwood and sea air. But I wouldn’t say it smells exactly like the ocean. (Would you even want it to? Dead fish, seaweed, and all?) It’s more like… a memory of the ocean. You know how familiar places become distorted through memory- certain aspects take prevalence while others fade away…

Perhaps I’m getting a little too out there. To put it simply- a non-floral, non-tropical ocean scent consisting of marine notes, cedar and myrtle, that softens and mellows on the skin and becomes ethereal and almost haunting. Definitely unisex, definitely unusual- and worth a try, if the idea intrigues you.

In the vial this is unexpectedly sweet and quite musky. On skin it starts out the same. I’m being reminded of Almond Milk, which is… weird. As it dries down I start to get something a bit woody and spicy, but just a little. Now it’s reminding me a little bit of Haus of Gloi’s Selkie, but without the ozone. This is definitely not an airy, blue, ozoney, beach house bathroom kind of ocean scent.

Honestly if I didn’t know what it was called, I’m not sure I’d think it was an ocean scent at all. It ends up being a soft, musky, slightly sweet, slightly spicy scent – I really like it a lot, but it doesn’t particularly put me in mind of the ocean. It’s a very comforting scent. It still reminds me a bit of Almond Milk – it’s got that same warm, musky thing going on.

I will need a bottle of this. It’s really nice. The only disappointment is that it seemed to fade really quickly, but that may be different if I slathered it on rather than just dabbing a bit to test.

Viking: A sexy, masculine blend that’s alternately spicy and warm and fresh and cool. Inspired by icy waters and snowy Scandinavian shores, bonfires of birchwood on jagged cliffs, and the smell of the ocean in winter. 

In the vial this is amazing. I get cool mint and spicy wood and faint smoke. On skin it’s mostly warm, spicy woods and just a cool ghost of mint. The kind that tickles your nostrils when you breathe it in. The description of this one is very accurate – it’s very much got a warm/cool/spicy/fresh thing going on, without ever being entirely one thing or the other.

This would be a great scent to wear camping at the end of fall, and it would probably smell amazing on a man. I like it quite a bit as is, but I also tried layering it with a simple vanilla oil and HOLY GEEZ that combination is amazing. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist.

So yeah – another bottle purchase. I didn’t expect much from this one, but I really like it, especially layered with vanilla.

These are all currently available from Firebird Bath & Body. If you want Pomegranate Rose, I’d recommend picking it up soon, because at some point in the near future it’s going to be gone.

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