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Excuse the shitty photo. I was a trying a thing. Also missing The Mountain Horse!

The rest of my Blooddrop decants! Just one from the Whinnies collection, and I have an extra Horse of the Carousel, but it was left out of my original package and had to be sent separately, so I’ll add that when it gets here.

The scent descriptions for the Horses of the Carousel are very pretty but very long and elaborate, so to save a bit of text I’ll just copy over the portion containing the scent notes. But if you’re interested in any of these, I definitely recommend popping over to Blooddrop and checking out the full descriptions.

Whinnies No. 2: Marshmallow with vanilla mango sorbet, dusted with nutmeg.

Sweet mango and vanilla. It’s very buttery on literal first sniff, but as I smell it longer the fruity mango gets stronger. The vanilla has a powderiness to it. (That’d be the marshmallow.) This smells really, really good. On skin it’s surprisingly subtle. It’s buttery vanilla and mango, but it smells more like a mango dessert than the slightly tart mango I was getting in the vial.

The Aurous Horse: It smells of a vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla frosting covered in yellow and white daisy sugar flowers and edible gold stars.

(Another decant in the bottle!) EXTREMELY buttery vanilla. Like buttercream frosting. Wow. That is potent. On skin it’s still vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, but it’s much smoother and I can smell some cake. It’s not a complex scent. If you like bakery vanillas, you’ll like this.

The Glittering Horse: Its perfume is of vanilla fruit candy, a touch of mint leaf and old-fashioned stick rock sugar candy.

Fruit and a little mint. It smells like Starbursts, or Laffy Taffy, or Airheads – it’s reminding me of a very specific candy that I can’t place and it’s driving me nuts. But it smells like candy, in any case. Not bad, but I’m not super into it. On skin it’s sweeter and I get more vanilla. I like it more than I did in the vial but it’s still very candy-ish and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t place the smell.

The Lyrical Horse: Its scent is a pink vanilla cupcake with raspberry jam filling and raspberry meringue frosting softly ascending upwards.

It smells pink. Fruit and cake. There’s that buttercream thing going on in the background. On skin it’s cake and fruit (as opposed to fruit and cake). It’s still quite buttery and the whole affair is smoother. It smells much nicer than in the vial. I like it.

The Twisted Horse: Its scent is that of a fried dough, churro-like cupcake made with a vanilla and cinnamon sugar spiced batter. It has a crisp outer texture with a light fluffy interior and is dusting with powdered sugar and gold dust.

This smells like churros. All cinnamon and sugar. On my skin the cinnamon amps up, of course (it always does), and it smells more like sweet Big Red. Damn you, cinnamon!

The Mountain Horse: Its scent is a dense, thick chocolate cupcake with a chocolate pudding center and dark chocolate glazed top.

In the vial this is chocolate liqueur. It’s intense and a little boozy. On skin it’s a little less intense and smells more like chocolate mousse or pudding. Some kind of thick chocolatey dessert. This isn’t a complicated scent – if you like chocolate perfumes, you’ll like this.

These collections are limited edition, but some scents are still available: Whinnies & Horses of the Carousel.

2 thoughts on “blooddrop whinnies + horses of the carousel

  1. Katey

    I got some of those horses scents as well. I loved The Twisted Horse but unfortunately had an allergic reaction to it. The only other one I have in common with you is The Mountain Horse and I didn’t love it. I need to try it again to see what’s up. Same with The Velvet Horse. The Giant Horse, though, I hated. It smelled like horribly burnt coffee to me. I really wish I had gone with some of the Whinnies instead of all of those horse scents as the only one I really liked was Twisted Horse and I’ll have to figure out what to do with that–scent locket maybe.

    • That sucks about Twisted Horse! I’ve had allergic reactions to something with cinnamon oil in it before, so maybe that was it? I had originally signed up for two or three more Whinnies but they ended up getting cut.

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